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History is “God Working in His World.”

Old Testament Bible History Guidebook (Exodus sample)


Click on the OT Guidebook image to the right to view the chapter on Exodus. The Guidebook is a 316 large page hardback book with an attractively-designed cover illustrated with Mt. Sinai and its surrounding area where the Law was given. The Guidebook has several unique features not usually found in a survey book:

* Under the Glass section for each book with meanings of Biblical names and selected word studies or comments.

* A Slice of The Life series treating different aspects of Bible life such as:
Life in Ur
Life in the Tent
Life in Bondage
Life in the Desert
Life in Canaan
Life in Captivity
Life at the Sanctuary
Life in the Home

Wrap-Up section for each book of the Bible with practical lessons applied

Finding Christ section for each book of the Bible

Outlines in abundance

The Guidebook has been in use since the 2009 Fall semester in several Bible colleges as a textbook for Old Testament Survey. Beginning in syllabus form this material has gone to over 40 countries for use in an integrated survey course.

An individual reading through the books of the Old Testament can find good help from the Guidebook, and if he wanted an even deeper learning experience, he could utilize the Workbook. The integrated study course designed for institutes and church study groups is built on the Guidebook along with the Workbook, DVD Library and Supervisor’s Manual.

Now the FREE online OT Survey Course is available and you can learn all about it at

New Testament Bible History Handbook (Galatians sample)

N.T. Handbook (perspective)

Click on the NT Handbook cover image to view the chapter on Galatians. The Handbook is a 336 large page hardback book that is a very helpful resource book for any Christian who loves to study God’s Word.

The beautifully-designed cover tells the story of the basis of Christianity, the spread of Christianity, the difficulties encountered during its spread and the writing of the New Testament during that process.

This Handbook is first of all a stand-alone resource book that will be very helpful for many. When I prepare a lesson or sermon from a book of the Bible, I like to gather together some basic background information to get into the first-century mood of things. Historical background is very important; cultural background sets some limits on the subject, and some basic word studies will put me in the know to better understand the passage under consideration.

With this in mind, considerable time was spent to put into this Handbook some of the basic building blocks needed when attempting to more fully understand what God is saying through the passage being studied. I am often opening this Handbook for my own preparation. Simply, it will save considerable time and give me a running start on preparation.

The back cover of the Handbook has the following paragraph:

  • An illustrated, practical resource that will be used with enjoyment

  • A key to open up the historical and cultural background of Bible times

  • A treasury of 1150 word studies and comments to whet the appetite for in-depth Bible study

  • An author who lived and served many years in the lands of the Bible to lead into a fuller understanding of biblical culture, background and geograph

*The Handbook is being used currently as a:

  1. Textbook for Bible colleges and church institutes
  2. Helpful resource book for pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers and Christians keen to study
  3. Textbook for companion tools of Workbook and 30 hours of DVD that form a Bible Survey Course for church institutes as well as couples for home study, schools and homeschooling.

Bible believers have the desire to study God’s Word, and we are exhorted to do so in order that we might be “approved of God” as prepared ambassadors for Him. As a pastor and missionary for over 60 years (since 1954) it was always a challenge for me to facilitate opportunities that would assist and encourage people to study God’s Word in a structured fashion. We have done our best to create a tool that will facilitate that goal.

I’ve noticed another thing in our technology-conscious age: all of us as Bible believers have a strong desire to see the places about which we are studying. It is a genuine thrill to stand on the Mt. of Olives and look down over the city of Jerusalem. The shores of the Sea of Galilee are exciting to us-Jesus was there! Few will have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land; it is quite expensive and, unfortunately, today it can be a little dangerous because of political turmoil.

Both the Old and New Testament Bible History Illustrated books will widen your understanding of the Word of God in its historical, geographical and archaeological contexts.


What people are saying about the Bible Survey courses

What people are saying about the Bible Survey courses

You might be interested in these enthusiastic comments about the Handbook and the course study undertaken::

“It was a unique study experience which connected me to the NT world. I gained real insight as to how, where and why each book was written. The Words to Note brought NT words to real life in their historical and cultural context. The author’s experiences added a special flavor of interest to the course. My knowledge of the NT has been greatly increased as has my desire to apply what I have learned.”

“This was a very practical course. A highlight was the experiences from the long ministry of the author which were condensed and passionately poured into the Bible teaching throughout the course and especially in the ‘Logs on the Fire.’”

“The structure of the course has been very well prepared. The great detail which is used throughout the course is fantastic. Even the quizzes were a great help in proper preparation.”

“This course truly had a great impact on my life; it has enriched my spirit and mind, and I am eager to continue my studies.”

“The New Testament Bible History course took me into an interesting educational and spiritual journey. The course provides a historical backdrop to many of the prominent New Testament events. Now I appreciate more and understand better what I read because I can perceive God’s words in their historical context. The Words to Note component of the course unpacks the treasures hidden in the Word of God. Words in the New Testament that seemed ordinary and bland to me have now a more enhanced flavor. The Handbook has become my “Google” as I prepare for Bible study and devotions. I praise God for an additional resource that brings glory to His Name.”

“It was very informative and helped me understand the New Testament more clearly in its historical context, I have never studied so much in my life, and I even surprised myself that I could be so disciplined to study. I have learned so much, and I will always be referring to my Handbook in the future.”

“My first impression was of the professional presentation of both the study materials and the DVDs. I think the most beneficial aspect of the course was that it enabled me to understand and empathize with the mindset and culture of the believers in that NT world and thereby better understand why each particular book was written.”

“I am grateful for the tremendous effort put in to making this course happen! It kept us captivated and made it so much easier to understand each New Testament book.”

“I enjoyed the ‘Logs on the Fire’ so much because it put God’s Word in practical perspective. I also enjoyed the test each week since it forced me to take in what I had read and really learn it.”

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