March 2010

“Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.” This beautiful verse expresses my feelings about what to write in this newsletter of blessings!

I couldn’t forget God’s mercy in giving us another year of life and service. The clock of my life ticked 78 in January, and I am being reminded every month of friends and acquaintances even younger than I who are preceding us to that wonderful destination! God has been so good to us, though that doesn’t exclude the fact that we are “feeling our age” in a new and more real way recently!

We enjoyed a great family camp in January. I had the opportunity to lead a professional person to Christ who had been invited to visit the camp by a zealous young lady. This man said he had been running away from God for years and that he did not want to run any longer. He accepted Christ in tears and went home and called some of his professional colleagues and told them that he had been saved and that his life had been completely changed! What a blessing this was to me to get in on the action though I had never met this man previously. The young lady faithfully sowed and I walked in without merit and had a part in the harvest. What a blessing for both the sower and the reaper!

The second semester in USA Bible colleges began in January and about 770 of the New Testament Bible History Handbooks were ordered as textbooks for several USA colleges. It’s a real blessing to us to know that those students are getting some benefit from our labors! Bible college students have always been a special interest and burden on my heart, so the ministry of both the OT and NT books is truly a dream that God has made into reality! It also thrills us beyond measure that the books are ministering to Bible students in several other countries including especially Fiji and the Philippines.

Besides the New Testament class which I have in Sydney Bible Baptist College, I am running another New Testament class in Faith Baptist Church in Regents Park on Monday night for twelve keen laypeople. We hope to move the class to the new Faith Baptist Church facility around June when it will hopefully be completed. It is a blessing to see new people in most every service, and God is working in hearts, both saved and unsaved.

God’s wondrous and thoughtful works to us cannot be reckoned in order-we would surely leave many out of which we are not aware! We cannot number them because they are too many! I wonder what exciting and thoughtful works the Lord will bring across our paths in 2010? He has already given us a few hints of some possibilities! Thank you for praying and we’ll try to keep you informed.

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