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Pastor Ron and Twila Jones

Pastor Ron and Twila Jones

There will be some churches or groups interested in the concept of the new Old Testament Bible History Illustrated course. However, they do not know us, so here following are the comments of a few people who do.

Rev. Ron K. Jones, pastor of our sending church, Temple Baptist Church of El Dorado, Kansas, has been a great blessing to us:

“Although I have only known Richard and Kathleen Hester for a short time, I believe them to be true servants of our Lord. They are determined workers and value the truth of God’s Word above all else. Bro. Hester is a tribute to the title “missionary.” He preaches from the King James with conviction and power, not just in a matter of presentation but he lives his life as an example of the scriptural truths he proclaims. Bro. Hester is a solidly fundamental, Bible preacher. As pastor of Temple Baptist Church, I am proud to say that they are our missionaries to Lebanon and Australia. It is such a blessing to call them “home folks”, and everyone in the church has great love and respect for this man of God and his wife.

The material that he has put together in DVD form will be a great tool in educating those who desire to learn Old Testament History. His presentation is not “dry and boring” but uses cutting edge technology in making the Old Testament come alive. I believe that every church can use this information in some way to teach and train God’s people. After my initial viewing of the DVDs, I was immediately impressed with the labor that had gone into the development of this course. I was overwhelmed with the care with which everything was edited to create a work that would make any university proud. I do not recommend this work solely on the merit of its appearance and apparent creativeness, however I do recommend it wholeheartdly because of the man of God who has produced this course. I am sure that you will be blessed by this course and any others that Bro. Hester may be able to produce, “God willing.” Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning Bro. Hester or his affiliation with Temple Baptist Church.”

Missionary Marvin Matthews left a wide impact for God in Australia with Metropolitan Baptist Church and its ministry of Sydney Bible Baptist College, both of which he built into strong ministries:

Marvin and Pat Matthews

“It is a privilege to recommend the Old Testament History Course by Richard Hester to you and your church. Richard Hester is uniquely qualified to teach this course. First he is a diligent and honest student of the Word of God. Second, he has taught this subject at college level for many years which means he has had opportunity to add to the course many insights that come from teaching a course many times. The third and most helpful to the course and the one that sets him apart from others is that for seventeen years he lived in the land of the history he is teaching. He not only learned the language but also the customs of that land along with the geography. Because he has this experience he can relate the history he is teaching and the life style to us his students. This makes him uniquely qualified to teach this subject. He has also made the effort to put it in a form that can be used in any church setting.

As for the man Richard Hester: he has served as missionary to the Arabic people in Lebanon and Australia for 46 years. His life and ministry are a living support to all the truths he teaches. He has been my dear friend since he came to Australia in 1976 where I was serving as a missionary. He has given of himself, his finances and his time to work faithfully there in the college for the past 28 years developing this course as well as others. I count it a privilege to recommend his Old Testament History course to you for use in your church.”

Dr. and Mrs. Eli Harju

Dr. and Mrs. Eli Harju

Longtime Bible college professor Dr. Eli Harju whose teaching blessed both my wife and me many years ago:

“I’m glad my good friend Richard Hester has completed his work on the Old Testament Bible History Illustrated. He always does such thorough work. This is something I wish I would have had when I spent 47 years teaching the Old Testament History of Israel. What a splendid work this turned out to be!. God has used a man with pristine character and keen intellect to prepare this magnificent teaching tool. I highly recommend it to colleges, institutes and local church ministries.”


Dr. Ed Pearson

Dr. Ed Pearson

Dr. Ed Pearson, Chairman Bible Department, Heartland Bible Baptist College who kindly reviewed both of our Old and New Testament books.

“H. Richard Hester in his recent work on New Testament Bible History has compiled with great clarity a well-outlined and illustrated handbook.  It will certainly hold the interest of God’s servants and will render great insight and information for any student of the Bible.  This book should be in every preacher’s library.”



Wally and Norma Higgins

Wally and Norma Higgins

Longtime mission-leader to Mormon country Rev. Wally Higgins, who introduced Kathleen and me to each other!

“I have known Brother Richard Hester and his wife Kathleen more that 50 years. Brother Hester is a man who has proven his character by many years of faithful ministry, much of it in the Middle East. He founded a strong church in El Dorado, Kansas, in the fifties. His background and experience make him a great source of counsel and help to many. I have seen his lessons of the Old Testament Bible History Illustrated. This is well presented with beautiful illustrations in relationship to the material covered. I would recommend this course for use in churches, Bible colleges, Bible Institutes and personal study. I would recommend Brother Hester and his wife to anyone. They are quality people with a proven track record. Their faithful service to the Lord in hard areas is a testimony to their character and ministry.”

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Clark

Dr. and Mrs. Clifford Clark

One of the fathers of Missions to our generation of independent Baptists, Rev. Clifford E. Clark who was a great influence upon our lives and contributed to our surrendering to go to Lebanon:

“Richard Hester is meeting a basic contemporary Christian problem – a knowledge and appreciation for Old Testament Bible History. He uses the best of visuals, the finest of commentary and true Biblical hermeneutics. These studies are necessary to build the foundational structure for Christians today. Serious minded pastors, missionaries and lay people should become involved in these studies.

His New Testament Handbook is unique and distinctive from any book of its kind that I know about.  It is wonderfully and professionally done but most importantly, its correlation of Bible content with an understanding of history for today’s needs is right on target.  It will help the discerning Bible student to dive deep for historical perspective against today’s problems.”

Longtime Missions Leader, Dr. Carl Boonstra who served us for many years so unselfishly:

“I have known Brother Richard Hester for 50 years. He is a man of great character and integrity, living his life in the light of the Bible. He is a godly man who has been and continues to be a diligent student of the Bible. God has richly blessed his ministry of pastoring, missions, and Bible College teaching and administration. His illustrated DVD study series on Old Testament Bible History is the best up-to-date material I have ever read, seen or heard.”

Pastor and college professor, Rev. John Aldrich who pastored a supporting church for many years and encouraged our missionary ministry:

“With pure joy I write concerning your Old Testament study course. From what I have seen this will be such an asset to my class and church. We are going to institute this course in our church in the very near future. Thank you for this truly biblical teaching tool!”

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