December 2020

Did God Not Answer My Prayer?

I prayed earnestly that God would miraculously give our president another term to do the things that I thought were good for America and good for the Christians and even other religions that relish religious freedom. The radical agenda, even by Obama’s measurement is now open and obvious to the most casual observer. I could not believe that a person, even disregarding his policies, could be trusted to lead America without the mental ability to answer basic questions. i was shocked and ashamed of America whose media has sunk to a professional bankruptcy of boycotting a candidate to that extreme. The Australian TV network for international and domestic news is supported by our taxes. They parroted the “fake media’s” disgusting contrived narrative without conscience or blushing. Although we left America 61 years ago, we still love America and are proud for the principles upon which it was founded. And yes, we still pay taxes in America. So we hoped fiercely for what we believed a “good result” in the election and begged God for mercy. 

Higher Than The Heavens

We serve an almighty God who sets up kings and takes down kings.
Why do the heathen (nations) rage?…He that sitters in the heavens shall laugh.” (Psa. 2:1, 4) “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isa. 55:9) Habakkuk grieved over the wickedness of Babylon and voted for God to give Israel relief in spite of her sins, but it was not to be. Josiah voted for the continuation of God’[s blessing upon Israel, but God remembered the evils of Manasseh and did not answer the prayers of the righteous of Josiah’s day. Simply, He did not allow. “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!” He “doeth all things well,” and can and must know that God’s perfect plan has not been thwarted, though I can make no human sense to what is happening. God didn’t promise that our side would win the election, but He has promised that He would  work all things together for our ultimate good. So I’m preparing myself for a boring and probably irritating time while watching the news, but who knows, there may be some big unexpected surprises. But it is a diversion for me and something that Kathleen silently participates in as well as listening when the computer reads the Bible to me. 

The Corona Virus Pandemic

Australia has pursued the virus with vicious fervour, lockdowns for months, closures of state borders for months, relentless tracing, police following every case with fines (up to $20,000) for violators. They attack every occurrence with full battle armour. As a result they are controlling the virus with few cases but this has exacted a terrible le economic cost. Currently, because our two auditoriums can be opened to one another, so we can have up to 300 in the building at one time. Yesterday we  attended the Arabic-speaking service at 9:15 and the following English service at 10:45. Some of the older people are still out due to fear of the virus and probably a few have become a bit comfortable watching it streamed to the homes. Some new people are coming during this time and there is a beautiful spirit in the church. When  we started back, I wanted to be a good example and wore a mask. When Kathleen saw that no one else was wearing one, she yanked off hers and started pulling mine off until I had to relent and give up being a “patriotic Aussie!” Thank God no one in our congregation has tested positive.Thanks to all of you for your help and prayers as we try to finish off  specific projects before the Lord checks us out. The solution to the long legal issue with the camp is in a delicate stage at this time. Pray! We ask God to give you a blessed and safe Christmas season and New Year.

September 2020

Father’s Day in Australia Today

It was a blessing to have lunch with one of our daughters and her family. I am so blessed o have had a godly father whom I respected and looked up to until this very day. He was firm but so insightful to my needs. By the subtely of his consistent example and his practice of patiently teaching me values and skills I was given an invaluable foundation for my entire life and ministry. Sixty-nine years ago I arrived at a Christian university to prepare for the ministry to which I had surely been called of God. I found myself surrounded by young men who had exceptional talent and ability. I viewed myself as a country boy who could do most anything required on the farm and ranch but I viewed myself very negatively to stand in a pulpit and tell people what to do. One September 1951 night I went to a darkened classroom and cast myself on the Lord. I was desperately battling with a “ugly giant”  of worthlessness and inadequacy to meet this challenge. The Lord graciously came alongside and reminded me of Romans six. In tears I offered the members that God had given me as instruments of righteousness into His almighty hand. The battle was over and to this day I have been enabled to rest in His disposition of the abilities of this unworthy servant.

   Today I thought of you, pastors and churches, who have faithfully stood with us through thick and thin, tragedy and triumph. I remembered special missionary friends whose fellowship and cooperation made big contributions to our ministry. I remembered selfless, praying saints who faithfully held up our faltering hands daily eve to this very moment. I thought of my impassioned pleas to God to fulfil my burden for getting our Bible History books into Arabic to leave behind in the language of our life’s ministry and how that dream is nearing fulfilment. 

   I was reminded today of the people who consider and call me a father to them. One such “daughter” expressed it so vividly on her death bed recently. All of this is almost too much for this “country boy” to handle! Thanks be unto God!

A middle-aged lady who comes to our home recently prayed with us asking the Lord to save her. A young lady we met on our daily walk recently cried out to the Lord for mercy. Her prayer was so beautiful and expressed her gratitude to God for bringing us across her path.

   Yes, we live in a troubled world, a pandemic plague, the breakdown of law and order in America. I can easily feel depressed watching Satan rip apart the country of our birth and I pray passionately for the churches and missionaries that stand in the trenches around the world. I’m praying for another miracle and the humiliating defeat of those who would destroy the foundations. 

   Kathleen and I thank the Lord daily for God’s wonderful grace for our small afflictions. When we think of others with fatal diseases and conditions, of Lebanon with its collapsed  economy and currency, so many who don’t know where the next meal is coming from, the recent explosion that rendered 300,000 people homeless in a few seconds plus the pandemic and hopeless government corruption, we are overwhelmed by God’s goodness and mercy that endureth forever.

   Lastly, our hearts overflow with gratitude to God our Father, Who is the God of all grace                     and mercy, Who delights to call us His sons and daughters. How beautiful heaven must be and so far beyond the scope of our finite imaginations. My thoughts then turned to my earliest “spiritual father,” the Devil who held me in his clutches. What a time of rejoicing it was when I first felt the embrace of my new “Heavenly Father,” the God of our vast universe, the Creator, the God of all grace, comfort and strength, which resources are mine for the asking! It was awesome that I could now call Him “Father,” but even more mysterious how He could delight to call me and us His “sons and daughters!” No human wisdom can fathom this mystery. Only as we view our Lord Jesus Christ on the cross and the empty tomb does the mystery begin to clear. It was now Kathleen’s bedtime, so we prayed and thanked our Heavenly Father for a wonderful “Father’s Day.” “Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits.” (Psalms 68:19)

July 2020

Is it Peace or War

My father was 14 years old when World War I erupted which took around 115,000 American lives. When he was 18 the Spanish flu pandemic killed 675,000 Americans. I was nine in December 1941 sitting at the breakfast table when President F.D. Roosevelt announced on the radio that America was at war with Japan following their sneak attack on Pearl Harbour. A chilling tidal wave of emotion enveloped my young body. That four years of war would cost around 415,000 American lives. Two weeks after I was saved and called to preach, North Korea invaded South Korea which took another 40,000 American Lives. During my second year pastoring Temple Baptist Church in El Dorado, Kansas, around the time I met Kathleen, my future wife, the twenty-year war in Vietnam began which took 47,000. Iraq and Afghanistan lost 6,000 more.. These figures say nothing about the the host of wounded and maimed for life. The Lebanese civil war affected us more personally because it involved a country and people for whom God had given us a passion and love to this very day. Government corruption and the pandemic have brought many of the believers to utter desperation. For the turbulent world add George Floyd’s death which motivated 20,000 peaceful protestors to swell the streets of Sydney. The 2020 coronavirus pandemic just may be God’s special delivery letter to all of us as well as to a godless world including America.

If the foundations be destroyed…

It is not the “if” of whether but the “if” of when. The way of the transgressor is on a downward trajectory. The American institutions of higher learning have been sowing poisonous plants and noxious weeds into the future leaders and now we are reaping the bitter harvest. Hating the American way of life, liberty and opportunity has replaced law and order with nonsensical clichés justifying looting, burning and occupation by radical thugs. It is not unlike the Lebanese civil where we saw its seventy political groups, each with its agenda and militia trying to establish its power and control wherever possible.

What can the righteous do?

They can naturally get tense and worry.
During this three-month lockdown, I have often seriously pondered and prayed, not for myself but for the thousands of churches, pastors, missionaries and potential millions of believers worldwide who are affected and suffering. One Lebanese pastor said that 60% of the church have been reduced to poverty from the lost of jobs, currency collapse and bank instability. Plagues, famine (economy), wars (moral corruption) – what shall the righteous do? The question is complicated, complex and compelling. Thankfully the answer is profoundly simple and direct! “The LORD is in His holy temple, His throne is in heaven: His eyes behold…” Psal 11:4 He is on His throne, ruling in omnipotent sovereignty, lovingly providing our needs and healing our fears and cares. So, that’s it, the righteous can confidently trust God! He is at His post of duty and His eyes are ever paying attention to us.

*Personally, we are greatly blessed and so thankful for your prayers and ongoing partnership in our areas of ministry. Our brethren constantly communicate that we don’t need to do anything, that just our example and presence encourage them, but sometimes I struggle with accepting and coping with an ever-diminishing world of ability and achievement. May God bless you all.

April 2020

“Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.”

Lebanon Suffering

A dear Lebanese pastor with whom we partner in ministry, wrote today: “Life in our land has become inexplicably difficult, hard and stressful since uprisings and riots erupted in October. Many companies had to close down. Tens of thousands found themselves jobless. At least 40% of our people are now recognized under poverty line. For one reason or another, our banking sector turned vulnerable and could not provide cash, as usual, to account holders, except for when it is coming as “fresh money.” This was more than we could handle. The forming of a new cabinet in January could not do much. Then Coronavirus pandemic came and put our towns and villages in a lockdown as probably many of you too are facing. It is so difficult and unbelievable to me to see our church obliged to close down its doors and to stop its services. We never had this happening not even in the dark days of the civil war.” (End quote).     

   How long will this lockdown last? Will the summer camp ministry be cancelled? And if the tottering Lebanese economy crashes, as seems likely,  what then? My preferred options is the Rapture, but the Lord may be reviving His work and warning the lost. 


During the past few months I have spoken in a number of churches in a farewell context. We have been encouraged and the Lord has used the occasion to encourage the pastors and people in some really sweet fellowship. We were also reminded of many incidents during these 43 years that showed us our labours have not been in vain.

   Our Sydney church held three English services and one Arabic service Sunday to comply with the “not more than 100” in any group setting. Now that has been changed to a total lockdown. Please pray for wisdom for our pastor and team as they seek the best format for a robust online ministry. Thank God we are facing this challenge with a unified congregation. 

   Sydney Bible Baptist College will also be looking for online answers to keep classes going in some form. Today’s technology does offer some interesting options. 

Outside Australia

We are praying earnestly for our churches, pastors and missionaries who are impacted by this global tandemic. How comforting to know that our God is in control and will never leave or forsake us! “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”

December 2019

The Philippines has not Completed the Reprint of Our Books

This exciting development will ensure that the ministry of our books and survey materials will continue in the Philippines into the future after we are gone

Hester Transport Ministry

It was “Sign up- for a Ministry Day” at our church. I thought the display was neat and asked for a picture.  A few minutes later the “Hester Transport Ministry” was involved in a serious car accident on the way home from church. The wonderful young man taking us and his two sisters  were all uninjured. Ambulances took Kathleen and me to a hospital and after an all-night waist it was confirmed that Kathleen was fine with no injuries and that I had a fractured sternum. Five weeks on My injury is healing well but I’m pain to go which has moved to the back, shoulders and neck. No doubt, God spared us from what could easily have been much more serious for all involved. Some people asked me what happened and how I was doing. I told then I just had my 99th birthday. They thought I was serious, then I explained that I felt like I was 99 years old! 

Health Checklist after 87

I am so thankful for the two cochlear implants that keep me in the world of sound. How much I understand depends on several factors. With a mini-mike attached to the speaking in the church allows the voice to be placed directly into my dead ear cochlear. Another factor is the pitch of his voice. I understand 80% from some and 20% from others. A one-on-one conversation at close range is about the same. The mini-mike connected to the computer lets the computer read emails, the Bible and other text to me. Using the phone is near impossible without someone with me to fill in the gaps.     

Sight: There has been a dramatic decrease in the limited sight of the one seeing-eye this year. The laptop I used the past several years for sermon notes and scriptures in huge print no loungers an option. Macular degeneration is very active on the the central vision and glaucoma if affecting the peripheral. The specialist believes the deterioration will continue. However, he thinks it feasible that I will not lose all sight, say, in five years. 

Touch: My fingers are losing the ability to know where they are on the computer keyboard which is a big loss with my dependence upon the computer. Please don’t feel that I am discouraged, I’m not. I just know that you will pray for us as you have so faithfully done, many of you for over 60 years.

Prayer and Praise Points

  • A dear man in our church named George is dying with cancer. He is four months younger than I and a dear friend whom I find difficult to lose. He is the father of our former pastor and will leave three godly children and wife who are such a blessing to the church. His earlier life experienced the dregs of sin and even included time in a famous prison for political involvements. However, he had a godly mother who believed God and he came to the Lord in our Sydney church in the eighties. He was a prolific reader and grew quickly in the Lord after salvation. He has written some beautiful Arabic hymns. Please pray for his wife and family during his final days..
  • During our daughter Melody’s visit we went through my library and gave it to young men . My first library was lost in Lebanon and some of the Australian library was contributed by a Minneapolis widow whose husband had wanted to go to the mission field but could not. Some of the resource books she gave me 43 years ago are going back to Minneapolis for my grandson who, after finishing a double major in physics and astro-physics in the University of Minnesota, decided to enter seminary and strengthen his Bible knowledge. 
  • Then we went through two large file drawers packed with sermon notes in the large print. As we started to dump them into the trash bin, I suddenly broke out weeping uncontrollably. I told Melody I didn’t know why I was crying and she said, “It’s OK, Dad, I understand.” I guess it hit me that it was an end of an era and the beginning of a new era to get across the finish line to that glorious hope that nears.
  • We thank all of you for your love and concern for these unworthy servants. May the Lord give you a blessed Christmas and fruitful New Year. 

October 2019

Preaching in La Loma Baptist Church in the Philippines in 2011

 At the conference in Bethany Bible Baptist Church in Makati, Manila in 2011. I met a keen member who offered to oversee the printing and distribution of our Bible History books and materials. By February of this year all the 6000 books had been sold or provided to more than 55 Bible institutes or colleges plus hundreds of pastors who commend the books as valuable resources for their ministry. This was done through much time and sacrifice of our Brother Jonah and the support of his pastor and church. May God rewrd them.

God’s Next Provision.

During the same trip I met a preacher with whom I felt an instant kinship. He invited me to speak in his church (photo above). He now has a printer in his church who loves serving the Lord with his trade. By God’s design with a good price, space to store the books and facility to distribute the books, they have agreed to continue with the production and distribution of this ministry. We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s perfectly-timed provision which started in 2011 and brought forward in 2019! Previous to this development, I could not see a viable path forward for the Philippines book ministry, but again, God surprised us with this incredible answer to prayer  just at the right time. God was starting to answer this 2019 need in 2011! I am providing the funds for the printing of 1000 of the Old Testament Bible History Guidebook and 1000 of the New Testament Bible History Handbook. All proceeds from sales of the books will go into a special revolving reprinting account administered by the church. The printer is not taking anything for himself, only the cost of the labor and materials. He is giving us a great price plus doing it for a small number of copies, so this is huge and exactly what we need for the future when I am gone. I sent the agreement to the pastor and this is his reply: “With grateful heart, I would like to express agreement to the policy for sake of the great material which you have labored and authored for this generation and the future generation in training Bible Students here in the Philippines. I have read and understood the details of the care and distribution of the books and rest assured that these materials will not be wasted.”                               

Philippines Old Testament Class

Prayer and Praise Points

  • We have put out some promotional ads for our books. Please pray that the Lord will prosper this effort. We are asking God to bring more churches on board to run these survey courses for their people who desire to study God’s Word in a structured manner. .
  • If you will go to to home page, you can download a new brochure that is attractive and appealing. I would appreciate if the pastor or responsible person would print this brochure and put it on the missionary letter board along with our newsletter. 
  • Please pray for an urgent legal issue to be solved concerning the camp. Corruption and the chaos of war left us with an issue that makes it impossible to do any new building at the camp. However, in the spring of this year the Lebanese parliament passed a law that will allow a resolution to this problem. 
  • Please pray for George who is my age who has issues with cancer. He is such a blessing, especially in the Arabic congregation and we are asking God to give him more years.  
  • Please pray for several speaking engagements I have in Sydney area churches. I believe this is the last time I will be speaking for them. I will explain more in another prayer letter.
  • We are very grateful for all of you who stand behind us with prayer and support. The next two years will need your faithful continuance in order that we may position these different ministries to continue on in the future after we are gone.

August 2019


The above photo shows a recent graduate of our Bible college using our New Testament Bible History survey course in his church. Some USA churches are finding these Old and New Testament courses a real blessing to their churches.I encourage pastors to explore the exciting possibilities of the excitement and benefit they will provide for your people who are keen to learn. We have Australian churches running the courses with great benefit for both young people and old. 

Victory Number One – Big Development

IMG-20190721-WA0004 (1)

The ministry of the Good Shepherd Conference Center high in the Lebanese mountains is in full motion. Vonherees are watching a night presentation in the camp’s open tent pavilion. Pray for the salvation of souls and a lasting impact on the lives of the believers.

Thankfully, the Lebanese parliament just passed a law that will make possible a solution to a legal land title issue created by the lawlessness of the chaotic civil war. This has long been a burden on my heart, so this is a huge development for which we praise our God! In whose hans are king   s and rulers! Please pray for the Lord’s blessing in the facilitation of the required procedure. There are yet adversaries to face and obstacles to overcome.

Victory Number Two – Ordination


It is always a great victory when God raises up to right man to pastor the church for which the missionary has laboured to establish, especially when that pastor comes from within the church ministry. I had the privilege to sign the ordination ceertificate of the first man from our church ministry who took over from me in the early nineties. And what a privilege to sign for the second pastor also from our ministry. At 87 years my hand was unsure and the new pastor had to guide the pen to where the signature should begin!

61618255_10218641873934793_6023143826741264384_o (1)

Pastor Mansour Youssef and his wife Sharon have three dedicated children who have trained or are training for whatever ministry the Lord has for them. This joyful event was a testimony to God’s power and faithfulness after a difficult but successful transition.The Lord be praised.

Victory Number Four – Arabic Bible History Books

nt arabic cover
ot arabic cover

Thanks for praying for this project which is so close to our hearts. One of the things I have asked the Lord to gtive before He takes me to glory is the translation, printing and distribution of the Old and New Testament Bible History books. Thanks be to God Who facilitated the signing of contracts with a Christian publishing house in Lebanon on July 4th which is Kathleen’s birthday. The agreement calls for the completion of the New Testament project in one year’s time and two years for the Old Testament project. We are thrilled beyond measure and our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to God for this victory after long de

Victory Number Five Home At Last With Jesus!

Lod Lody was saved at the age of 15 in the sixties in our Lebanon ministry. She became a Sunday school teacher and a valuable secretary who typed much translated Arabic material for Sunday school, young people and summer camps. She emigrated to Australia before us and has been in our church these 42 years in Australia. Recently she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only a few weeks to live. We had a private time with Lody not long before the Lord took her. She expressed thanks and affection for all our part in her life over the past 55 years. Truly, as Paul said, “Ye are my crown and joy” to those for whom he had laboured. We felt a joy and reward beyond expression in the presence of this radiant sister who was rejoicing to soon be with Jesus!

March 2019

davChristmas cantata attracts crowd of new visitors in Aaba Baptist Church in North Lebanon, Pastor Eli Wardan. The choir from Lebanon Baptist Church on the outskirts of Beirut, Pastor Edgard Traboulsi presented the cantata.

Capitalism and Bias at Work

Some enterprising capitalist (not related to Alexandria Occasion-Cortez) placed an add in Amazon for copies of my New Testament Bible History Handbook. The bargain price was $199.95 and he has several copies in case you want more than one copy. I can personally highly recommend the book. But not all would agree with my bias. The add attracted several reviews. One review was glowing with praise for the many resources found for each book of the New Tes- tament. But another reviewer was quite a bit less than complimentary. I will share some of his in- sights that perhaps you need to know about this missionary.

“Mr. Hester can’t seem to make up his mind about whether he wants to preach a sermon or share some academic thoughts. Thus, the book becomes hard to read. There is some valuable information to be found for sure, but it is so dryly written that it is scarcely worth the trouble

The book is hard to read, bor- ing, preachy, insulting to educated people

“…made for…people who already are convinced of the Bible’s inspiration, authority, and in- errancy.”

“…Unscholarly…distasteful…because he be- lieves the Bible is the Word of God…calls everyone who disagrees with him a liberal Bible denier.”

My Confession

Yes, I am not a scholar and have never claimed or thought myself to be.

Yes, I do believe that what the Bible says is so.

Yes, my book was written for Bible believers and not for critical “scholars.”

Yes, I do suggest that many of the so- called critical theories in the name of “academic scholarship” are motivated by a disbelief of the inspired revelation of the Bible.

Yes, I confess to not playing “footsie” with their academic gymnastics. Shame, shame!

Prayer and Praise Points

  • Please continue to pray for the Arabic translation and publishing project of our New and Old Testament Bible History books. Hopefully, work will begin this month. The New Testament book only needs editing and publishing. The Old Testament book needs the full range of translation, editing and publishing.
  • Pray for the coming ordination of our new pastor. There was a good feeling of unity when the church voted to proceed with the ordination. Our new pastor was a nine-year-old boy in 1977 when he cried for dad to let him come to our new Sydney church.
  • During the difficult time of transition, God blessed the church financially for which we are very thankful. A strong missions program was sustained and we are in a good position now.
  • Our missionary to Mauritius, Bro. Franker Serret, is in a Sydney hospital in critical condition with stage 4 cancer. Only a miracle can spare him.
  • I have a heavy burden regarding a difficult reconciliation matter that needs to be resolved. Please pray.
  • Pray for the Lord’s leadership in doing some promotions for the English and Spanish Bible History books. We now have them available online at and on Amazon Kindle as well.
  • Email:

January 2019

The Count Down

Psalmist prayed, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom (Ps. 90:12).” He had previously reminded us in verse 10 that our days are measured against a normal of 70 years and any bonus often comes with aches, pains and groanings.

Next week my bonus totals 17 years and I agree with the Psalmist!. It seems like the past several months have been more preparation before we “fly away (verse 10).” Sight and hearing have de- creased as well as Kathleen’s memory. But God is still faithful which gives us great comfort and strength.

More than ever, I’m “numbering my days.” There are earthly arrangements to make so that what we leave behind will hopefully continue. A big priority that weighs heavily on my heart is the translation and publication of our Bible History books and helps in Arabic. We have been in- volved in this divine call to Arabic ministry for nearly 60 years. I feel strongly that the books can, as it were, leave a piece of us here mong our beloved people after we are physically gone.

During the past several months we have been working with a dear friend at church to get the books and materials online in a electronics book- store with electronic copies available any place in the world. They can also buy the physical copies in the USA and Australia where we have stock. We are also preparing them for Amazon which gives exposure on a wide scale. I believe this is a wise choice to have it all set up and thankfully Temple Baptist Church in El Dorado, KS, and our Faith Baptist Church in Sydney can easily carry on things once we “fly away” with a one- way ticket! Of course, the Lord could come and that would be wonderful too.

American evangelistGlen Weeks retired from his 42 years of Australian ministry. He has been a friend and blessing to us, to Faith Baptist and many Australian churches.

Praise and Prayer Points

We thank God constantly for the measure of health He is giving us daily. In spite of the increasing loss of memory, Kathleen is able to ferret out the church visitors, welcome them and get me to go and meet them. It’s inexplainable beyond the special ministry God has given her for this special phase in her life.

Please continue to pray for the legal issue affecting he camp conference centre that arose because of the chaos of the civil war that occurred in the seventies and eighties.

Please pray for decisions regarding the Arabic translation and publishing of our Bible History books.

Please pray for some promotional letters to Spanish-speaking countries for the Spanish books. Hopefully this will open some doors for the electronic versions where there is no printed stock.

Sydney Bible Baptist College will begin the 2019 school year the first week of February. Pray for God to call out young people to prepare for service. Critical forces of division are at work in our country that great hamper the ministries that require working together. I’m thankful that our coming fellowship in heaven doesn’t depend on our ability to get along with others! The college has passed through many obstacles and human weaknesses during the 42 years I have been involved with it and the Lord will continue His work.

Pray for Missionary Marvin Robertson as he will soon complete the OT Workbook and teacher’s manual. This will complete the Spanish project for which he and his wife have worked so hard.

Please pray for our Faith Baptist Church and Pastor Mansour. God has given many victories, to God be the glory!