March 2022

“They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing.” Psalms 92:14 

January marked my 90th year of living off of our Lord’s gracious provisions. It was a special day of remembrance, an overwhelming emotional day. “My cup runneth over.” God’s call and putting me into the ministry 72 years ago. Spiritual investments and treasures especially in Kansas, Lebanon and Australia all speak to God’s gracious love and care. Scores of emails and Facebook messages, some from long-lost friends. Our church’s commemorative balloon as seen in the photos. Our seven year old great granddaughter said, “We could be very thankful for grandpa; he is so loving and caring. Our granddaughters were commenting that I really did not look 90 years old. My beloved spouse, generally a stranger to memory matters, piped up and said, “It is because he has such a wonderful wife!”

When my daughter gave me the courier package of books from Lebanon, my heart rate increased and a big smile came across my face. She said, “You’re really happy, aren’t you, dad?” This happened the week of my 90th birthday. When I took the beautiful Old and New Testament Arabic books in  my hands, I felt I was holding two precious babies who would serve the Lord in the Arabic world until Jesus comes! I can hardly sleep just thinking what a privilege God has given us!

I have to say that we were thankfully surprised that the first printing of the New Testament Bible History books went during the first few months. Now they will be undertaking a second printing. As of now, these Arabic books have gone to Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria  and Lebanon.  We are thrilled to no measure to be able to cast these “pieces of bread, like pieces of our lives and labours” upon the fields of our love, trusting God to make them, from now until Jesus comes, a blessing, help and encouragement to living pastors and their people   

It appears that the publishing house is keen to translator and publish our autobiography in Arabic as well. With difficulty I have been editing it to fit the Arabic market. I was hesitant about whether this project would be helpful, but everyone involved overruled my hesitancy. If it can be an encouragement to people who live in difficult political and sectarian conditions, I will be grateful to the Lord. Our daughter Melody in Minnesota has not been here for three years because of COVID. She jus secured a visa to come in June and she wiillproofread the English manuscript before we give it to the Arabic publisher.  

Last Sunday was the 45th anniversary of our Regents Park church. I was asked to give a 15-minute testimony.  It is so comforting to see what God has done following the heartbreak of Lebanon. 

The previous Sunday when coming from the parking lot into the church, Kathleen somehow stumbled and fell across my legs and feet. I was attempting to catch her but lost balance and fell backwards on the concrete. It was a nasty fall for me but thank God there was just a big bump on the back of my head and a couple of fractured ribs. My memory came back later in the hospital. Kathleen did not have even a scratch on her, so I was a good pillow for her. Last Sunday the brethren wheeled her into the church in a wheelchair and had a strong man on both of my arms to make sure that nothing happened. I told the brethren that I had been trying to get their attention for some time and that this was a last resort that seemed to work! I’m trying so hard to keep such things from happening and it wasn’t how I had planned for the beginning of my 90th year!

We can never express our feelings of gratitude for all you do for us. Your prayers and support have allowed us to do many things that needed to be done before we leave this world. Please continue to pray for the legal issue regarding the camp property.  God bless all of you!

October 2021

“Whoso findeth a wife, finders a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.” Prov. 18:22 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Prov. 31:10

Rubies must have been very expensive for Solomon, the “many-times billionaire” of that day to describe her in this way. Solomon learned by experience that beauty, influence and status could not produce a happy home. The Lord’s leadership and blessing are indispensable.

     A young lady of around ten years of age who loved the Lord, although she was brought up in a very liberal church, opened her deep desire to the Lord that He might, some day, give her a preacher husband. A young man of 18 years was saved after the first year of college. It had never crossed his mind to be a preacher. He had dreams of being an aeronautical engineer but two weeks after his conversion, his mind was overwhelmed with the conviction    that God wanted him to be a preacher, a thought that almost scared him out of his wits. Seven years later, God brought these two together in an unbelievable way that was humanly impossible. 

     In July we celebrated the little girl’s prayer to God. The “good thing,” the price far above rubies” had continued for 65 years across three continents serving the Lord.  Never has she ever faltered or even uttered one work of discouragement against the fulfilment of God’s will for our ministry. Now it is my calling to support her in her battle with Alzheimer’s. Our faculties are slowly retiring, but thankfully she is in peace and I am still able to help her navigate the faceless waters. Here are some other news:

  • How often does the Scripture admonish us to “wait” on the Lord? It implies that we tend to be impatient and fail to realise the pieces that are involved for the desired request to be accomplished. Several years ago when we were trying to get our Spanish Bible History books printed and distributed in different key countries, I was particularly frustrated   by the failures to accomplish this in one Spanish country. It’s fair to say that I was exasperated by the actions of some from whom I had expected better. I gave up but continued an occasional prayer for it. Then about two weeks ago out of the Lord’s “blue” we received a letter from an unknown Spanish pastor from this same country of my interest. He had been in a distant Spanish country where he saw our books. He was impressed to request working together to produce the books in his country. He had storage space and good possibilities for distribution throughout the country. We signed contracts yesterday and the printing will soon be underway. Plus he secured a printing quote for an unbelievable printing cost! I think I heard the Lord whisper, “Richard, I told you so.” 
  • We had a serious outbreak of COVID – 19 with the “delta” strain three months ago in Sydney and eventually state-wide. Australia opted for strict lockdowns, contact tracing, rigid compliance and closed borders, both international and between states. Fines for non-compliance were heavy. A “gifted” pastor of area church held services and prophesied, “In the name of Jesus the lockdown is over.” Courtesy of the neighbour, the police entered and took up an offering. The generous pastor put in $5000 and each family $1000 in the name, not of Jesus, but the State Treasury. Presently there is a flood of vaccinations and our governor is determined to get the state opened up soon for good. 
  • Recently I felt to attempt a marathon of calls to our church members and attenders. I can’t understand much on the phone. The problem came with missed calls when people returned a call and I could not understand who was calling. Praying genderless for unknown persons is difficult, but I was blessed anyway.  
  • Your prayers and support mean a lot as we are seeing the Lord work in several yet “unfinished” important matters. May God bless and reward you.
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June 2021

LORD, Thou hast been our dwelling place in all generations.”  “I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I( make known Thy faithfulness to all generations.” Psa 90:1 ; 89:1 

The Generation Principle

A generation represents the duration of an individual life or lives during the same period of time. Our God is the refuge and rest for all generations. He is eternal and timeless. In regards to a life as measured by the beginning of successive new generations, four generations represent the span of an individual life in begetting other. For example, after his great trial, Job is said to have lived to see four generations, that is, he saw his children, their children and his children’s children before he died. Most of our Sunday lunches are in the presence of our four generations. Anyone who gets to see great grandchildren can be thankful for a full life, duration-wise.

The Spiritual Generation 

The Great Commission embodies the same idea. We will win one who wins one who wins yet another, multiplying the generations of converts. Jesus and Paul also expressed the principle when they spoke of entering into another’s labours, one sowing, one watering and another reaping. We can rejoice in a physical legacy of generations, but even more important, is the understanding of a spiritual legacy of generations. Our ambition and motivation for life should be tempered with a burning desire to have “spiritual children and grandchildren” for God’s glory. 

A Living Example

Around 1962 I was earnestly witnessing to some young men at a tailor’s shop in Lebanon. One lad of fourteen years of age came to a young people’s meeting in my van a time or two but then disappeared. Apparently he was just curious and wanted to ride in my van with the other boys. Still, I had done my best to sow the Gospel seed. The seed would lie dormant for about 30 years until a Christian couple from our church in Australia would come to Lebanon and rekindle the Gospel witness with their uncle resulting in the salvation of this man and his family pictured below. The eldest son of our 14 year-old lad was recently ordained to the Gospel ministry at which both photos on this page were taken. Pastor Elie not only pastors a church in north Lebanon at the base of the mountains where our Good Shepherd Conference Center is located, he is the manager of the camps held during the summer, sometimes reaching up to ten different groups or churches. I consider him an “adopted spiritual son” carrying on my vision and labours for North Lebanon. 

God’s Promissory Note For Spiritual Grandchildren

The writing of the Bible History Old and New Testament books and the development of survey courses with students’ and teachers’ manuals was altogether of God’s strength and grace. It was during the time of my greatest weakness in the long battle with MS. The books and materials are in English and Spanish in more than 50 countries. Yet, in recent years God put a burning desire to see them in Arabic, the language of our ministry among Arabic peoples for the past 62 years. That project is nearly finished and now we can rest, believing that God has promised to make these materials representing a piece of our lives and labours a blessing to pastors and churches throughout the Middle East countries that have such a vital prophetical significance in the last days.

How Many Grands and Great Grands
Will We Have?

None of us can answer that question. We don’t always know who planted or watered, who prayed and other actions that God uses in the process. What we can know is, if we are steadfast in doing God’s work and plan, unlovable in our focus on the truth, God will have a warehouse full of surprises waiting to show us throughout the ages of eternity. How can we ever thank so many of you who have faithfully prayed and stood with us these many years? The spiritual grandchildren and great grandchildren of whom we speak are also yours to share!

March 2021

   ”The Lord is my  Shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: He leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth
my soul.”

The Good Shepherd

Sheep need a shepherd. They are rather naive animals and are prone to wander and land themselves in danger. They walk nonchalantly to the slaughter without fear. Our lives are not to be guided by fear, but there are things we should desperately fear. Never in my life have I wanted the Good Shepherd to “shepherd” us more than now. I am so thankful that He is the “Good” Shepherd. I can trust Him to do all things well for my good and His glory.

No want or lack

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is in me, bless His holy Name.” Our blessings are so many; we try to count them every day. We have scores of praying friends and churches who have lifted us up before the throne for these over 60 years. That support allowed us the blessed privilege to follow our Shepherd to foreign fields where little of the Gospel was known or proclaimed. 

I lost my driver’s license 31 years ago, Kathleen took on the task until 7 years ago. The Shepherd gave us a loving church that established a “Hester Transportation Ministry.” We have a loving daughter next door, grandchildren and a caring daughter overseas to fill the gaps and more. Australia’s Aged Care provides a multitude of services that are unspeakably helpful for a very reasonable subsidised price that facilitate our remaining in our home.We are overwhelmed by His grace and goodness! Pastor Elie inspects our cam. (see image)

The Green Pastures

For many Christians in this world, that doesn’t necessarily mean financial abundance, good health and few problems. Still, these “green pastures (plural),” are indeed many and are very green. When I was a boy out on an Oklahoma ranch, we longed to see the rain bring out the green pastures. Frankly, we do struggle with the lack of memory, sight, hearing and other maladies. But the “other green pastures” bring happiness and serenity. The focus is all-important. Focus on the negative and the “still waters” will be troubled; focus on the positive and your soul will be satisfied and restored with perfect peace.

My Wants at the 89 year Point

We should not “want” or “lack” as we follow the Good Shepherd, but we should “want” or “desire” the things that might please Him. My daughter here kept hinting at what I wanted for my birthday. My answer was always that I didn’t need or want anything. She pressed harder, so I said, “Give me 2 or 3 hours of your precious time for making calls to brethren in Lebanon.” I can understand little on the phone. It was the gift of a lifetime! My soul was blessed and thrilled to talk to these precious friends and spiritual family inspired us as we heard their comments about the depressing situation in Lebanon that has turned their lives upside down. Because of the currency collapse, a retired teacher’s income value fell 80%. Small business lost similarly if not closure. All are suffering financially, fear and uncertainty are on every hand. Yet, I heard so many sweet testimonies of thanksgiving to the love and care of the Good Shepherd. A 66 year-old pastor friend with no issues died with COVID this week. 

Another of my burning “wants” is the completion of the Arabic Bible History book projects.  The New Testament book is frozen in the printers due to the COVID lockdown. The Old   Testament book is translated, formatted and is now being proofed. We have spent considerable time following these projects with monitoring and advice to the development of these projects. An   y reading requires large text, an almost letter-by-letter, word-by-word analysis, all of which is laborious and time-consuming. A dear lady in our church has also made a big contribution to the proofing work. We can hardly wait to see everything completed and see the books being an encouragement and blessing in countries of the Middle East  as well as in other countries with Arabic residents. Finally, Thank you for standing with us. It is a great encouragement!

Other Wants Needing Prayer

*Contradictory advice about having a hernia operation with general anaesthetic. My doctor says no, the specialist yes.

*The resignation of the pastor our Lebanon church just outside of Tripoli. It doesn’t make sense to me. Pray.

*For God’s grace as we face new challenges with Alzheimer’s and our limitations

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December 2020

Did God Not Answer My Prayer?

I prayed earnestly that God would miraculously give our president another term to do the things that I thought were good for America and good for the Christians and even other religions that relish religious freedom. The radical agenda, even by Obama’s measurement is now open and obvious to the most casual observer. I could not believe that a person, even disregarding his policies, could be trusted to lead America without the mental ability to answer basic questions. i was shocked and ashamed of America whose media has sunk to a professional bankruptcy of boycotting a candidate to that extreme. The Australian TV network for international and domestic news is supported by our taxes. They parroted the “fake media’s” disgusting contrived narrative without conscience or blushing. Although we left America 61 years ago, we still love America and are proud for the principles upon which it was founded. And yes, we still pay taxes in America. So we hoped fiercely for what we believed a “good result” in the election and begged God for mercy. 

Higher Than The Heavens

We serve an almighty God who sets up kings and takes down kings.
Why do the heathen (nations) rage?…He that sitters in the heavens shall laugh.” (Psa. 2:1, 4) “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isa. 55:9) Habakkuk grieved over the wickedness of Babylon and voted for God to give Israel relief in spite of her sins, but it was not to be. Josiah voted for the continuation of God’[s blessing upon Israel, but God remembered the evils of Manasseh and did not answer the prayers of the righteous of Josiah’s day. Simply, He did not allow. “O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!” He “doeth all things well,” and can and must know that God’s perfect plan has not been thwarted, though I can make no human sense to what is happening. God didn’t promise that our side would win the election, but He has promised that He would  work all things together for our ultimate good. So I’m preparing myself for a boring and probably irritating time while watching the news, but who knows, there may be some big unexpected surprises. But it is a diversion for me and something that Kathleen silently participates in as well as listening when the computer reads the Bible to me. 

The Corona Virus Pandemic

Australia has pursued the virus with vicious fervour, lockdowns for months, closures of state borders for months, relentless tracing, police following every case with fines (up to $20,000) for violators. They attack every occurrence with full battle armour. As a result they are controlling the virus with few cases but this has exacted a terrible le economic cost. Currently, because our two auditoriums can be opened to one another, so we can have up to 300 in the building at one time. Yesterday we  attended the Arabic-speaking service at 9:15 and the following English service at 10:45. Some of the older people are still out due to fear of the virus and probably a few have become a bit comfortable watching it streamed to the homes. Some new people are coming during this time and there is a beautiful spirit in the church. When  we started back, I wanted to be a good example and wore a mask. When Kathleen saw that no one else was wearing one, she yanked off hers and started pulling mine off until I had to relent and give up being a “patriotic Aussie!” Thank God no one in our congregation has tested positive.Thanks to all of you for your help and prayers as we try to finish off  specific projects before the Lord checks us out. The solution to the long legal issue with the camp is in a delicate stage at this time. Pray! We ask God to give you a blessed and safe Christmas season and New Year.