December 2010

A Bible Conference marked the close of the Sydney Bible Baptist College school year. The preaching was challenging and the fellowship was sweet! Groups from several churches contributed to an extra special musical program that honored our Lord.


This year has witnessed the opening of several doors in Bible colleges in the Philippines for the Bible survey material that is now completed and in stock.


An invitation has been extended for me to speak in a missions conference in a church in Manila the second week of February. Several hundred pastors will also be present. The pastor has graciously scheduled for me to meet with these pastors to discuss the possible use of the Old and New Testament survey materials in their Bible colleges and institutes.


Would you please pray for:


  1. This visit to be blessed of God in opening long-term doors for this material to be a blessing to many Bible college students in the Philippines
  2. Our need of divine wisdom in setting things up to work practically
  3. Our need for special strength to fill the busy schedule of meetings and speaking engagements in several churches and Bible colleges


Finally, the conclusion of yet another year fills our hearts with praise and gratitude to God for His unnumbered blessings upon these unworthy servants. And “thanks be to God for His Unspeakable Gift” whose coming is marked even in the shopping malls of our world with beautiful music and moving words so profound, but seemingly uncomprehended by the oblivious multitudes of milling shoppers. May God give all of you a blessed Christmas!