April 2011

The official dedication of the new spacious facilities of Faith Baptist Church took place on Saturday, March 5th. It was a memorable day of remembrance of all that God has done to make the new church facilities possible.

Pastor Zaydan surprised us with a special tribute to our ministry. The video of it is on www.faithbaptist.org.au if you would like to view it. The Faith Baptist people are so appreciative of our labours among the Arabic people tp whom we dedicated our lifelong ministry and they never lose an opportunity to show their appreciation. They are precious people!

In recent months we have been praying about making a farewell trip to Lebanon. Such a trip is a big physical challenge and we felt that another year’s delay might be too late. We feel the successful trip to the Philippines has confirmed to us that this year is the time for Lebanon. Our plans will, however, be subject to the situation in the region, given all the unrest sweeping the Arab world. Presently Lebanon seems to be relatively unaffected by this unrest and desire for political and personal freedom. Lebanon is unique in the region and her many problems differ from those of other Middle Eastern countries

As of now, we plan to leave in May and will return via the USA after seeing our daughter and sending church. Actually, she will join us in Lebanon for a couple of weeks for her first visit to the land where she was born and raised until the age of 15. She is still fluent in Arabic. Our time in Lebanon will be confined to 3 or 4 churches that hold special interest for us, even though we are very much interested in all of them but do not have the time to visit more.

Thank you for your prayers as we begin preparation for this trip. Presently I am recovering from minor surgery for hernia repair. The printing of the books in the Philippines is now underway. The new school year there begins in June, so these next two months are an important time for the book ministry in their colleges and churches.

Your friendship and fellowship are a source of constant encouragement. May our Lord, His grace and His peace, be with you all!


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