September 2011

“What are some priorities on your heart right now?” was the question of my sending church’s pastor. I thought a moment and replied:

Number One: Restoration of a Dorm at the Campsite near the Cedars of Lebanon


I built this two-story dorm in 1969. It was stripped bare during the long Lebanese civil war and was taken over for many years by shepherds for a winter refuge for goat and sheep herds. Doors, windows, electrical wiring, toilets, camp beds and anything that could be removed except the concrete shell were stolen or destroyed. The space is needed for the camp ministry, and it is a burden on our hearts to see that building back in the ministry for which it was built!


Number Two: Maintain and Expand the Book Ministry in the Philippines


Results are very encouraging! We just received the following letter from a godly pastor who has a small Bible institute to train Christian workers and pastors:


“We are now using your book Old Testament Bible History. We are all so glad to have you teach us via your book and DVD set. I have told our class that you are my co-teacher in this particular subject. You are part of our faculty.


Bro. Hester, we really appreciate how much time and labour you have invested in this teaching ministry. For sure, yours is something that has affected and continues to influence more Bible students and laymen. We thank you so much.”


A veteran missionary first ordered 200 books for his college students and some pastors. Later, when ordering for more pastors and 12 other Bible colleges established by his graduates, he wrote:


“We are so excited about these materials.  I have been watching the DVDs and have enjoyed them immensely.  I could never thank you enough for all the effort you have put in to make this project a reality. I wish so much that I had been able to take this course when I was very young as I can see how it would be an invaluable help in my preaching and teaching.  At least this generation will be able to get this great Bible course. I believe your work will stand the test of time and will be used by future generations should the Lord tarry.”


Whatever profits are made from sales of the materials in the USA and Australia are put into funding for the Philippines especially. Frankly, it doesn’t amount to that much after subtracting the free book samples and the many free sets of the materials given to missionaries around the world. For the materials to be viable and within reach in the Philippines, we give every college or institute free sets of the DVDs for the 60 hours of OT and NT teaching lectures. The two textbooks are made available for students at 60% of our printing cost. This makes the books within reach of many students who have, for the most part, little financial means.


In some areas the students are not even able to manage that, so we have a Library Plan where we give the college/institute a one-time gift of materials and books for their library where students can study their lessons each week. For every three students in the survey courses, we give the library one textbook (both OT and NT). Also we give each school a CD with PDF files from which they can print their student workbooks and a supervisor’s manual which contains all quizzes, exams and answer keys for the pastor or teacher. This makes it considerably cheaper for us and we find that they manage to print off or photocopy the workbooks as needed.


We have just purchased a stock of ten thousand stamped DVDs for a cheap cost price. A cheap cost price is crucial in the Philippines since most of the DVDs are a gift to the schools. Each school gets 20 DVDs for both the OT and NT sets. We have also sent to the USA for their needs there. This week we sent 4000 DVDs (OT and NT) to the Philippines for the unbelievable shipping cost of $80!


I am sharing all of this so that you can pray with understanding along with us for the burden on our hearts to be fulfilled for the sake of Lebanese and Filipino souls as well as many other countries that are using the materials! We are excited and thankful to God for these opportunities!