February 2012

Cast Your Bread


Autobiography – 300 pages

From Home on the Range


Home Anywhere with Jesus


Lives and Lessons


Richard and Kathleen Hester


Over Sixty Years of Preaching Ministry

Spanning Three Continents


Fears and Faithfulness of First Church


Aspirations and Anguish of Lebanon


Trials and Triummphs of Aust ralia


Other books by the author include:

Old Testament Bible History Guidebook

New Testament Bible History Handbook


These books have gone to over 35 different countries. The Philippines lead the list with

its many churches and Bible colleges and institutes that use the books and companion DVD lectures to great blessing. Most students in these churches have limited financial resources. So Missionary Outpost would like to help make these books available through donations from this autobiography.

For every Cast Your Bread that is ordered in the USA, some needy student will be helped to own a valuable resource book for the Old or New Testament. For example:

♦Make a donation of $15 or more and receive one Cast Your Bread FREE and help one  needy student! Shipping is included and costs you nothing.

♦Donate $25 or more, receive two Cast Your Bread FREE and help two students!

♦Donate $37 or more, get three Cast Your Bread FREE and help three students!


If churches order 10 or more, for their bookstore, they may have them for $7 per book plus shipping.


Send order with check made out to Temple Baptist/Missionary Outpost to:  Temple Baptist Church, P.O. Box 823, El Dorado, KS 67042 ,

Ph. 316 321 3803 or email: templebaptistkan@sbcglobal.net

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