July 2012

We printed the Cast Your Bread autobiography books for Australia here in Sydney at a large commercial printer. They had just purchased a large press that looked like an assembly line. The books were delivered to us at home, and when we opened the boxes, lo and behold the pictures were all too dark to comply with normal marketing standards. The printer was having teething problems with the new press.


The printer agreed to pick up the defective 500 copies and to reprint. I suddenly thought of a good use for the defective books. So I asked the printer for permission to keep the books and send them for free distribution in the Philippines. The pictures were discernible but inappropriate to sell here. The printer gave permission and I shipped them to the Philippines door-to-at a total cost of $175!


Two hundred and fifty of the books will be given to Filipino pastors attending a large conference in October. The other books have been or will be given to pastors and students. The brethren there were thrilled to get the books. I had no intention to send the autobiography to the Philippines, but the Lord had a unique plan to make it happen!


We’re excited! The translation of the New Testament Bible History Handbook into the Spanish language has now begun! Please pray for the brethren working on this project. We have no present plans to convert or title in Spanish the DVD lectures for the course, only to translate the NT Handbook along with the workbook and supervisor’s manual. Page 21 of the Handbook in Spanish is displayed.


Friends in the Spanish-speaking world have assured me that our book would fill a niche and be a blessing to pastors and especially Bible colleges. With 21 Spanish-speaking countries, please pray that the Lord will do some wonderful things with this Spanish book and study course. Our main target for the Spanish materials will be Bible colleges and institutes. Pastors will also find the Handbook a great resource for their personal study.


Spanish Translation


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