March 2012

Cast Your Bread, the new autobiography, is in stock and available in the USA from Temple Baptist Church, P.O. Box 823, El Dorado, KS 67042. Phone: 316 321 3803 or Email:  In Australia it is available from or phone 02 9622 1148.

Jodi, the church secretary and the person responsible for our Missionary Outpost book ministry, wrote: “The first Sunday we sold 48 of your new book after the service. The lady at the table could hardly pull them out of the box fast enough! I had a free day, so I took the opportunity to read your book.  I laughed, I cried, I was challenged, I was encouraged, I was overwhelmed to learn how God prepared you and used you for what He wanted you to do for Him.”

Kathleen has not done well the past few months and has lost considerable ground with the memory issue. Her old physical symptoms have been volatile and unstable which further exacerbates the memory problem. I have put off writing because I just didn’t know what to say. We both felt that in light of the recent loss of ground that the MRI might document something of what was happening and that a diagnosis might be forthcoming. Then a regime of the powerful drugs would be put in place to hopefully slow the progress of the diagnosed disease, whether alzheimer’s, dementia-related or whatever.

To our surprise and thankful delight, the MRI was normal and the neurologist didn’t believe there was yet sufficient evidence for a diagnosis beyond Mild Cognitive Impairment. Thank you for your prayers. God’s grace is sufficient, and we want to trust Him for each day. I say “want” because some days our faith is weak. Thank God Kathleen can still drive although we have stopped her driving at night because she tends to have her “down times” more at evening time. Also, she still cooks though she struggles because she doesn’t remember the recipes and doesn’t remember where items are in the kitchen without some frustrating searching and whatever help I can give. But she’s really amazing and we are so thankful for all God has given us these years and for His present mercy! She can talk about it all with people and has big laughs about the embarrassing situations that occur because of memory!

The Sydney Bible Baptist College has begun a new year of ministry with several new fulltime students. Three daughters of a man and his wife who were both former students enrolled and are living in the dorm!

Faith Baptist Church in Regents Park will be celebrating their 35th anniversary on March 11th and launching our new autobiography as well in the afternoon. Pastor Zaydan will be inviting local pastors to come along for the book launch. I’ll give a report on the occasion in our next newsletter.