December 2012

The Spanish translation should be ready about a year from now. Missionary Marvin Robertson in Spain is supervising the translation project. He has another excellent translator working with him, a native Spanish-speaker. They both review and revise each other’s work, so I believe we are going to have a superb translation that will incorporate the strengths of each into a great result! The original formatting is being utilized with errors removed, thanks to the perfectionist skills of the supervisor of the project!

The translation work is off to a good start. The OT Bible History Guidebook is about translated through Genesis with 38 pages completed. The NT Bible History Handbook is translated about through the Gospel of Matthew with 52 pages complete. We are putting these translated pages together for a Spanish sample of the books into a spiral to display at some Spanish conferences. We can also send a PDF sample by email to anyone interested. If you know missionaries or pastors in Spanish-speaking countries, please send us their names and email addresses, and we will send them updates about the translation project.

Please pray for Missionary Marvin Robertson and his wife, and for Maria Esther de Alvarez and her husband who are Mexican missionaries to Spain. These godly missionary families are putting their heart and soul into this work along with their many other ministries. We all share the burden that these books and materials can be a blessing to Spanish-speaking pastors, church institutes and Bible colleges. We have already received requests from total strangers expressing interest!

This has been a good year for the ministry of these study materials in the Philippines. We printed a total of 6000 books, 3000 OT Guidebooks and 3000 NT Handbooks in Manila to stock there for the Philippines ministry. Over 50 Filipino Bible institutes/colleges are using the materials. Scores of pastors have obtained the books for a study resource and give glowing reports of how the books are a blessing and help! One Filipino pastor hosting a large conference purchased 300 of these books to give to pastors attending the conference, most of whom would find it difficult to purchase themselves. The stock of 6000 is down to 3533!

Another hard-working pastor mentors about ten nearby pastors one day a week who have little in resources and no Bible college training. We gave them a good price they could afford and they are thrilled to death. The few stories that get back to us make goose bumps run on my spine! Five students in an African country are finding blessing through these materials. Who but God knows what all is going on in the 35-40 countries where sets of the materials have gone!

Last night I preached at the Graduation Fellowship Week of Sydney Bible Baptist College. After the service a lady came up to meet me. She had taken the OT course. At the beginning she feared that she could not possibly take the quizzes and exams required in the course! But she gradually fitted in and did quite well. She was so thrilled at what she had learned about the Old Testament and said it would not have happened without the quizzes pushing her on!

Please continue to pray for Kathleen who feels that she is losing ground with the Alzheimer’s. The medication has not yet demonstrated any identifiable benefit, but the Lord knows and we are asking for His perfect will.