December 2013

An embarrassing but humorous “bad-hearing” incident happened in a home where we were invited to eat. The host asked me to relate some of my favorite thoughts about the Old Testament which I did at length. After my “amazing insights,” Pastor Nabeel whispered that the host had asked for the New Testament and not the Old! I apologized to the host and said if he wanted my insights for the NT, he would have to invite me for another meal!


The “switch-on” of my cochlear implant took place in an air of suspense. The over 80% chances were that I would hear some unintelligible electronic sounds that would require several months of work and practice before the brain would be able to decipher things. Or, if the Lord had mercy, and granted our request I might understand some of it from the beginning.


Truly, the Lord did exceedingly abundantly above what we ever dared to ask or think. When the bionic ear was switched on, I could plainly understand what was said! I’m hearing things I haven’t heard for years, clocks ticking, crackling of pages of the Bibles being turned in church and other things! I warned the Arabic congregation Sunday against talking about me because now I might hear them!


The “bad ear” is now dead after the surgery unless the device is on. With the device the bad ear is hearing substantially like the good ear (music and phone excluded) plus much more because of its higher volume without distortion or blasting, unlike the regular hearing aid does. My hearing has been moved into a “new ballpark,” even though I still struggle with certain sounds as I did before. Hopefully, practice and programing the device will improve those deficiencies. The audiologists are “over the moon” with my excellent results. To God be the glory!


The Spanish translation has continued to progress and both the Old and New Testament Bible History books are about 4/5ths translated. The formatting has been delayed due to serious health issues and back surgery of Mrs. Robertson that has severely impacted their work schedule. The good news is that she is making steady progress in recovery. Please pray for these dear servants of the Lord, missionaries to Spain for many years.


Sydney Bible Baptist College Graduation Fellowship concluded with 4 graduates and a great time of fellowship. Ninety people received certificates for completed courses in the evening extension program. Courses in Faith Baptist Church were Bible Doctrine, Spiritual Growth, NT Bible History, OT Bible History and Apologetics plus some other courses like computer and secretarial skills.


We pray you will have a blessed Christmas and a great beginning to the New Year! Your encouragement remains much appreciated.

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