May 2013

Sydney Bible Baptist College is off to a good first semester. God answered prayer with 13 full-time students and 18 part-time students. Additionally, there are another 90 students in the evening and extension school classes!

My course at college this year is New Testament Bible History Survey. Kathleen’s health situation requires me to miss some classes, but I really enjoy doing what I can. Please continue to pray for Kathleen and her struggle with Alzheimer’s and some other annoying physical symptoms that have plagued her for years and are now exacerbated. She is still a huge blessing helping me with matters of sight and hearing! We thank the Lord continually that He has allowed us to still have each other to help!

The Spanish translation of the Bible history survey books is progressing well. The Old Testament Guidebook is not quite half-done, and the New Testament Handbook is well over half-done!

Please join us in prayer for these matters:

-Where should we print and how can we effectively distribute the Spanish books? We are exploring one avenue right now and need the Lord’s firm direction.

-We need some special person who knows Spanish translation well and is also able to fit in the translation on powerpoint slides. We have the slides available in English and want to replace the text with Spanish. This will give us a library of powerpoint presentations for each of the 30 New Testament lessons. Later we’ll see if it is expedient to do the same for the Old Testament lessons.

-Pray for our translators and formatter:

Pastor and Mrs. Marvin Robertson, Maria Esther Alvarez and her son Arturo

-Please pray for the upcoming summer ministry of the Christian camps/conferences in Beit Mendere in Lebanon. The political situation is of concern and we pray that it will not affect the summer ministry of the camp. Renovation work is currently in process in preparation for the summer ministries. Also, the Aaba church will be moving into their new church building which will be a great blessing. For some time they have been bounced around because of unrest in Tripoli where they were previously meeting on Sundays.

I would like to share with you an encouraging letter from a pastor who ran the Old Testament Bible History course (with the DVD lectures) for some keen laypeople in his church in Alabama. It has always been my vision and prayer that many churches would find a real help from these courses just as this pastor did below:

“Brother Hester, Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We just wanted to let you know what a blessing the Old Testament History Bible Course was! About 15 of our church members completed the study last Thursday. Over the past months we have grown to love our time of study with you and always looked forward to ‘our beloved historical outline!’ Lord willing we will begin the New Testament History studies in August with more Christians that are hungry for the Word of God. Thank you for your service to our Lord. Let us ‘work ’till Jesus comes’ my good friend and brother!”  Pastor J.C., Grace Baptist Church