March 2014

Thirty-seventh Anniversary

Faith Baptist Church in Regents Park , Sydney, Australia

Someone handed me a guitar in the church parking lot and insisted that I should play something. Not knowing what to do (I have’t touched a guitar for years and played little anyway). I decided to serenade my wife with “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away!” Unknown to us someone was recording it and it surfaced on a video clip prepared for anniversary Sunday. My face got red! God has blessed Kathleen and me with 57 wondSunshineerful years of happiness and sunshine. Faith Baptist Church has been blessed with so much divine sunshine these 37 years! To God be the glory!


Anniversary Video Clip


An Evening of Godly Music

Over twenty years ago, Pastor Graham West was a student at Sydney Bible Baptist College. During his time there he fell victim to a brain tumor. When he awoke from surgery, he asked for his Greek book, not wanting to get behind in his assignments. After his release from hospital, I was shocked when he showed up at college with his head all bandaged. It was typical of his dedication and determination. He is a gifted  usician and has made an unbelievable effort to help pastors and churches to understand and choose godly  usic. Now he is facing an inoperable, aggressive brain tumor. Doctors give him ten months to live. He was honored with An Evening of Godly Music by several church groups. Please pray for him, his family and church in this time of trial.


The Spanish translation of the Bible History books is moving near completion. The NT Bible History Handbook is now in the final chapter. The OT Bible History Guidebook is up to Obadiah with 35 pages left. Pray for Brother Robertson who needs a lot of grace and strength to do the formatting!


We have had some requests for an email version of our newsletter. For anyone who would like this, please email us your name and email address to: This will not affect the hard copy which will continue to come via regular mail. Anyone can get the email version.


We are thankful that three Bible colleges in Burma are now using our Bible History materials. In 2011 we sent some materials to the first Bible college of 150 students. Recently an Australian evangelist took our books and materials to another two colleges. It thrills us to have a small ministry in Burma!