August 2014

Both OT and NT Survey Courses
Now Online



We don’t expect many 80+ year-olds to enroll. But we do believe that there are numbers of keen laypeople who could have a great time spiritually taking up this free opportunity.

A group study at church is the ideal method, but online has its place since you can do it at home at your pace. It is a study course that will require dedication and effort, but there will be great benefit from this college-level study. People in different countries have taken the courses in a group setting from ages 16-85 and have testified to great blessing.

Prayer Requests

  • That the word will get around about the Online courses. Missionaries with English-speakers may benefit, even some home-schoolers. Pray that God will open doors to make these courses a blessing to many in a world made so small by the internet!
  • The pastor friend with a brain tumor is now with the Lord. Please pray for his wife Cathie. His son James is pastoring the church and needs prayer.

A dear Syrian pastor is here for a short visit to his brothers and our church. He graduated in the early eighties from Sydney Bible Baptist College and is pastoring in the “street called Straight” area. Death is never far away with shells and rockets falling indiscriminately. The church was hit once by a rocket but the people were not on the floor that was hit but on the other floor. His wife and two children are living and studying in America with his sisters while he is remaining in Syria to minister to his people. He said they had seen more people come to the Lord during these 3 years of war than they had the other 25 years combined! Please pray for this pastor whom we will call “Sam” and for his dear people, many of whom have no work due to the war. It’s hard to believe what’s happening there.