April 2008

A friend from Lebanon emailed a virus warning message. I responded saying that we didn’t have any computer viruses nor physical viruses. I said the only virus we had was a long-time love for the Lebanese people and that we were not being able to get rid of that virus! The friend wrote back with the wish that we would never get over that virus and that she wished the people in Lebanon would get the same virus!

The Lord willing we will take a trip to the USA this summer. It will be a chance to attend some conferences, visit a few churches and to see family. We want to promote the study courses, The New and Old Testament Bible History Illustrated.

A national missionary to India previously unknown to us contacted us about purchasing the New Testament Handbook, DVDs and course materials for use in his Bible college in India! So we arranged for 100 extra sets of the Handbook and Workbook to be printed for the man to pick up in Hyderabad, India. It thrills us to think how the Lord can use these materials in places where we will probably never know nor visit.

Please join us in prayer that God will open doors in many churches where these study materials can be a tool for blessing among God’s people. A large Independent Baptist college has adopted the Handbook as the textbook for New Testament History or Survey. Other colleges are considering it for a textbook. We will be running the New Testament course in a summer session of a Bible college during our USA visit.

Thank God for Temple Baptist Church of El Dorado, Kansas, our sending church, which will be distributing these materials in the USA. That is a huge blessing to us in this endeavor of faith.

We would appreciate your prayers for Kathleen as she is having some tests in in an attempt to get some answers to her physical ailments. The cardiologist believes that the tests can sort things out by the time we travel, so please join us in intercession for this matter.