December 2005

Our 29th year of involvement with Sydney Bible Baptist College finished with a blessed time at the Graduation Fellowship. Five graduates gave thrilling testimonies, and the Word of God was preached in power and blessing. The special speaker from the USA was a real challenge and example of New Testament preaching.

About past and present prayer requests:

  1. Please continue to pray for the Iraqi man and wife and son who disappeared in Iraq and haven’t been heard from for three months.
  2. Thanks for praying for Rachel; she is in her next to last chemotherapy cycle and struggling.
  3. Please continue to pray for the Croydon Park Arabic church. The Lord miraculously worked it out for them to sign a contract to buy a piece of land that will allow them to build a church to hold what they have now and allow for future growth. They’re getting the 1.5 acre piece of land for $2.5 million, a half-million dollar discount to the price the owners were holding out for and should have received. Now the church has to sell the present church property and house next door to be able to settle the transaction by March 31st. This is a big step of faith for them, but it is probably no bigger challenge than it was 28 years ago when we bought the present church for around $75,000. House prices are now at least twelve to fifteen times more than they were then.
  4. Thank you for praying for a couple to work with the college. An experienced pastor has come forward with a real interest and burden to fill the role if the Lord will put it all together. So both of us are praying for the Lord’s will to be done. If he comes, it will probably need a year’s time for it all to happen.
  5. Please pray for my “spizarinktum” (spelling in doubt!) as we look for an answer to a severe bout of fatigue and tiredness the last few weeks. It’s ordinary to have it one or two days a week, but not all the time.
  6. Please pray for strength and wisdom as I continue to work on the New Testament Bible History Illustrated project. I hope to complete the first draft of the book we’ll use as a text maybe in a couple of months. After that I’ll start writing the lectures to prepare for videoing the lectures. The Lord has put a real burden on my heart to finish this project.

We wish all of you a most happy Christmas time and beginning for a fruitful New Year. How we thank the Lord for you, our friends in ministry, who are a vital part of all that we do. You are much appreciated.