March 2008

We’re rejoicing and celebrating the faithfulness of God! On Valentine’s Day we finished the project at nine in the evening! I took the last DVD in to check it and found an obvious mistake on one of the visuals, so I corrected it, set-up the encoding process again which takes most of the night. Early the next morning I rebuilt and burned that last DVD and took them all to the man who is converting them to NTSC, the video format which is used in the USA and several other countries like Japan.

The printing of the book was scheduled to start this week in India. So we feel like a mountain has been moved from in front of us! The long days of 12-15 hours of work were becoming wearisome, so we are filled with gratitude to God for His sustaining strength that took us to the culmination of the project. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing upon the printing and shipping of the books to Australia and to Temple Baptist Church in El Dorado, Kansas.

I promised some testimonies of people who took the New Testament course in the 2007 pilot program, so here are a few:
*“This was a very practical course. A highlight was the experiences of the long ministry of the author which were condensed and passionately poured into the Bible teaching throughout the course and especially in the Logs on the Fire!”
*“This is a  unique study experience which connected me to the NT world. I gained real insight as to how, where and why each book was written. The Words to Note section of the Handbook brought NT words to real life in their historical and cultural context. The author’s experiences added a special flavor of interest to the course. My knowledge of the NT has been greatly increased as has my desire to apply what I have learned.”
*“Thank you for putting together this New Testament Survey Course on DVD.  I have enjoyed it and am still enjoying the format whereby I am forced to read the Bible books with the respective Review Notes to search for the answers to the Review Questions. This course has challenged me to be more disciplined in my study. The colourful pictures and the “Logs on the Fire” messages made the course even more interesting.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to have an overview of the New Testament.”
*“I really do appreciate all the hard work and time spent on putting this material together. It is really clear and easy to follow. It has much background material with many insights that I was not aware of.  It is very useful now as I read the New Testament and results in my getting a lot more out of my Bible study.”

A working mother wrote: “I am grateful for the tremendous effort put in to make  NT Bible History happen; it kept us captivated and made it so much easier to understand each book. We thank God for such a faithful servant and teacher. I highly recommend this course.”

An involved pastor wrote: “I have found this course to be balanced, informative and spiritually challenging. The lectures in company with the study material are very well presented and accurate. The course has stimulated growth in the lives of Christians as they came to a better understanding of the contents of the New Testament. I whole heartily endorse this course.”

Thanks to all of you who held us up in prayer for this project.