May 2006

Kathleen’s mother, at 100 years of age, fell into a coma and departed to be with her Lord in March. Kathleen has always wanted to be with her family for the funeral, and I had the privilege of presenting a plain Gospel message. Our daughter Melody and children presented music for the funeral as well.

It was not a sad time though “goodbyes” are always difficult. She was saved and a member of a Gospel-preaching Baptist church in her town. Her pastor had some very timely remarks about her life and stand for righteousness in the wider community. The local newspaper editor who had consistently been her philosophical opponent, wrote an unusual article commending her willingness to stand for right and to promote it in a very balanced and logical way. Had she been able to read his article, I’m sure she would literally have sat up and turned over in her grave!

We did not know this, but he said her stand (and another person or two) against alcohol had blocked the sale of alcohol in the town until very recently, which was amazing. Her pastor related of her keenness about every sermon he preached and about her attempts to help his grammar! She put tracts in with bills she paid by mail. As a little girl she had come to Kansas in a covered wagon. Truly she was an unusual lady with a keen intellect, writing ability and love for the truth. We were thankful for the testimony she left among many.

We spent 2+ weeks with our daughter and family and returned at the end of March. God really did miraculously in giving me strength for the trip, since I had been having a real bout with extreme fatigue. Also, the Lord allowed me the opportunity and strength to preach in Temple Baptist Church, our sending church in El Dorado, Kansas. It was such a blessed time for us to see this wonderful church and pastor again.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated; God is answering prayer. I’ve had some better days recently healthwise and have been able to accomplish some ministry goals. I would like to request prayer for the Croydon Park church regarding their big move. Pray for the sale of the parsonage. The church sale will be completed at the end of May, so the money from the house is sorely needed.

Please pray for the health of the independent Baptist churches in Lebanon and blessing upon their ministry in that needy country so dear to our hearts..