October 2008

A Texas church ran the Old Testament course last year with great success and blessing so I am told. Actually about half of the 22 students wanted to audit the course at first and not do all the work. After the first class, they changed their minds and started doing all the work and 20 have now finished the year’s course.  A number of them were older people and are ready to take the New Testament course which will be offered next year!

The big excitement for us this month is that our sending church, Temple Baptist Church in El Dorado, Kansas, with Pastor Ron Jones started the New Testament Bible History course meeting on Tuesday evening! Fifty-five people responded and started the group study! The ages of the students range from 15 to 84! Can you imagine that? An additional 40 people bought some or all of the New Testament materials (Handbook, DVDs, Workbook) to use or study at home. This all is great excitement for us old Temple Baptistites and would be a good send-off for us to Heaven, although I wouldn’t mind hanging around and seeing how it all goes and what else the Lord is going to do!

The Lord gave us some precious opportunities to minister to young people during the USA trip. Many testified to the Lord’s working in their lives in some very special meetings. What a privilege that the Lord can still use us to encourage these young lives! If nothing else, we could tell them that God is faithful and has not let us down even one time in these 58 years since being saved and surrendering to the call to the ministry!

May I again request prayer for the Regent’s Park church and their building project. This week they will be reviewing the commitments of the brethren for the building and decide what and how to do. This past year while they were waiting on the Council to finish some minor changes for the building permit, the price of the steel for the building increased about 65%. Please pray that the Lord will guide them and protect them from any hidden snares. Thank you for always being there for us!