October 2014

A Story to be Continued…

Abram should have rejected Sarah’s plan. Obtain-ing a child outside of God’s clear promise to Abram and Sarah was a huge mistake with bitter consequences. It set up a saga of conflict that contin-ues to this day. The world is at wits end how to solve it.

Frankly, there is no human solution. Many of Ishmael’s seed today do not want the conflict. Others (radicalized or convert-ed ones) would follow the Koranic teaching literally. It seems the “radicalized ones” now have the momentum and believe that “the sky is the limit” for their version of “Allah’s Kingdom” on earth.  Nothing short of Christ’s coming can settle the conflict between Ishmael’s and Jacob’s seed. Two days ago a man was arrested for alledgedly plan-ning to behead an innocent person in Sydney. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!” Ps. 122:6

Noteworthy Requests and News

Pray for true believers and churches in the Middle East who live in an atmosphere of fear and feel the brunt of the chaos that is fueling the spread of the so-called “Allah’s Kingdom.” This kingdom has no place for Christians or their churches, nor for other minorities.  In fact, there is no room even for variants within the religion of Islam.

The revamp of our website, www.MissionaryOutpost.com is now complete. Thank God for a couple of men in our church who made this possible. In the process I learned a lot and was able to assist with parts of the project! That’s exciting for an eighty-two year old! Take a look and give the website a grade. And I’d love to get an A for effort!

Fourteen students have asked to be enrolled in the Online Bible Survey Courses! We’re excited about that and we are praying for open doors for this Online ministry.

Pray for the National Baptist Fellowship coming soon in Sydney for pastors, missionaries and Christians to be encouraged.