September 2007

There is always so much for which to thank our wonderful Lord. He has so graciously given strength for us to continue doing what He has burdened us to do! There is good news on the “sight front” with no further haemorrhaging in my eye and continued progress! Kathleen struggles at times with her special routine of physical weaknesses and crash-times, but she still keeps everything running in the home and in the role she so vitally plays in what I am doing. Please pray for her.

We have also been encouraged with several new Bible History classes. A church in the USA has begun the Old Testament course in their Bible institute for some keen men. Another church in the USA is starting the Old Testament course for keen laypeople to further their knowledge of the Bible. Some will do the full complement of work and others will audit the course without doing all the work.

Our website, has been redone by a Lebanese friend here in Sydney. A Lebanese friend in Lebanon created it for me in the beginning! So without our beloved Lebanese, we wouldn’t have a website! You can always find our prayer letters under new postings or just click on Current Newsletter from the Hesters when you open up the site.

One new feature on the website is a video demo with six segments taken from the Old and New Testament Bible History courses. There is less quality online but it isn’t bad and gives a good sampling of the type of studies which are involved. Each segment is about eight minutes in length:
– Personal Testimony
– Course Overview
– Paul’s First Missionary Journey
– Paul’s Reflections before Imminent Death
– Marriage and Slavery according to Peter
– Re-visiting Mt. Sinai
– Tell Jericho-an event which occurred some 3400 years ago
– Hezekiah’s Tunnel Constructed in a Troubled Jerusalem

In two weeks we will be travelling to Melbourne for the annual National Baptist Fellowship. Pray for a great meeting and that my little contribution in preaching will be anointed and used of the Lord.