December 2014

Another Story of Grace

Isa. 55:11 “My Word…shall not return unto Me void…”

Madonna2She was a gentle, serious girl who seemed to have a desire for God. I picked her up with several brothers and sisters and took them to Sunday school and church for a number of years in Lebanon. I hoped that she would grow up and let her light shine for Christ. Events of war overtook all of us and we lost track of her when all of us left Lebanon and eventually came to Australia.  We would not see her again for many years. We did hear that she had married.

Frankly, we lost any hope that anyone from her family would come out on the Lord’s side.  Her life passed through some deep trials, including a serious bout with throat cancer. In recent times a lady from our church invited her to church. When she knew the Hesters were in the church, she exclaimed, “Those are my people!”

Her recent testimony at her baptism told how I led her to Christ as a 12-year-old girl in the big tent at camp. She testified that she had never lost the assurance of her salvation and that she always knew she was the Lord’s. She had always read God’s Word and was not ashamed to confess her faith. She had always found great comfort and help in God’s Word and He had brought her through the darkest hours!  She contacted relatives around the world and asked them to listen to her testimony and view her baptism through our church website which they did! And her husband and children were present and heard the Gospel.

How did I feel about all this? Totally overwhelmed and awed at the miraculous ways of our Lord! 

Moods and Weathers of the Christian Life

I’m not saying that the Word of God changes-it doesn’t. “Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in heaven.”

The tragedy of Lebanon ushered in a new mood in my life and preaching, a broken-ness with tears I had not experienced before. Again, the years of sickness in Australia brought with them a mood of desperate trust in the God Who is all-strength.

I think Kathleen’s Alzhei-mer’s has brought yet another season into my life and preaching, one of praising and thanking the Lord in a way I hadn’t known previously.  The Psalms have come alive.

I spoke at the recent National Baptist Fellowship sharing our comfort and strength derived from this exercise. I was surprised at the large number of young people who responded. The message can be accessed on

Noteworthy requests and News       

  • Sydney Bible Baptist College held its Graduation Fellowship with five students graduating and a number of extension students receiving certificates for various courses completed. I was honored to be the speaker at the Thursday night Graduation Exercises. The college had an excellent year of blessing and teaching.
  • Our second website, is now finished. It is dedicated to give all information about group classes and online studies available with our Old and New Testament Bible Survey materials. I was able to develop this site and called for a member of the church to fix the bugs and some design changes.
  • The doctor adjusted Kathleen’s medications about four months ago. It has resulted in managing her symptoms dramatically better! We really appreciate your prayers for her. Taking coconut oil has also helped her memory in subtle ways. We have so much for which to thank our Lord!