January 2017

Number One in The World!




Our grand daughter is feeding her grand mother.

“I will bless the Lord at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” Psalms  34:1

Number one?

I was asked if I would like to have the cochlear implant surgery with a local anaesthetic, which I preferred. I thought it was a common procedure. It went fine, but the surgeon kept asking if I had any pain, which I didn’t. But one time I said, “Yes, I do.” The anaesthesiologist immediately gave me more. The surgeon was perplexed when I said I still had pain, so he asked me where the pain was. I said, “It is in my foot!” Apparently I was having a cramp in my foot.

On the return visit to the surgeon, he told me that I was Australia’s first to have the surgery with a local anaesthetic and that I was number thirteen in the world. I know that you will be proud of your missionary because he is actually number one in the world to have surgery on his head for an implant and to feel pain in his foot! About the implant, I have not understood one word yet and will have to wait for the brain to sort it out and begin to decipher the electronic language.

God’s Miracles for Kathleen

Wednesday morning at the breakfast table Kathleen suddenly slumped backwards in the chair. She looked like death and there was no response. After perhaps ten seconds she began to revive. We took her to the doctor, and she repeated the episode in the waiting room. An ambulance took her to the nearby hospital. On Thursday morning she had a third episode, this time connected to a heart monitor that told exactly what happened. Her heart stopped for seven seconds, and they knew that she needed a pacemaker quickly.

Christmas holidays were on with few resources available. God had a good friend in the hospital who did the impossible, finding an available pacemaker at another hospital and asking a surgeon friend on holiday to come in just to perform Kathleen’s surgery by two o’clock that afternoon!

Our hearts are filled with gratitude to God and to the people He placed in just the right place to help us at the exact time they were needed. It was providential that she was seated during the first and second episodes and that she was connected to a heart monitor the third time, which removed all doubt about the what and why of these occurrences. We’re so thankful the Lord has again allowed us to have each other for His glory!

With Thanksgiving…

  • I did fall asleep once on duty (left photo), but I am looking after Kathleen with the great help of the grandchildren! Our daughter who lives here is away in Lebanon, and the USA daughter arrives today to help for two weeks.
  • Both the English OT Guidebooks and the OT Spanish Bible History books arrived in Sydney. Some of the church brethren unpacked all 1126 books onto the proper shelves for us.