March 2017

Printed in Mexico


Ot Bible History Manual coming together

We are thankful to report that the Old Testament Bible History Manual (Guidebook) is now printed and available. Pastor Ramos has a vibrant literature ministry in his church and is doing a great job getting the books out to pastors, churches and Bible institutes. In around one year’s time he had sold enough of the NT Bible History books to pay off the funding loan for its printing!

We are so thankful for his partnership along with those who have worked so hard in the translation and preparation of both the NT and OT books in Spanish for printing. May God reward them all for labours of love for their Spanish-speaking peoples!

“Thank You, Lord!”

An Exiting Night

At last report my second ocular implant was giving me nothing except an unintelligible sound. My first implant of over three years ago gave immediate ability to understand words, so it was a bit disappointing when the second one gave nothing. But the audiologists urged patience, saying that the brain would ultimately sort things out and that words would be on the way.

Our USA daughter was here helping with her mother after her heart problems. Melody told me goodnight and went to her room. I took off the old cochlear processor that was giving me hearing. I started praying aloud, saying, “Thank you Lord… Suddenly I realised that I heard myself say “thank you Lord” with the new processor still attached to my ear! I rushed to Melody’s door and said, “I just heard myself say “thank You, Lord!” She said, “Oh Dad, I’m so excited” which I also understood. It was so appropriate that the Lord was thanked with the very first words! It is all His mercy and He is so gracious and plenteous in mercy.

Last week the audiologist was “blown away” and said she did not expect such an amazing result and that the time frame was unusual. To God be the glory!

Kathleen’s Recovery

Since the surgery for the pacemaker, she has had no further episodes with her heart. All has gone well and the cardiologist was very pleased with everything. We thank the Lord every day for allowing us more time together, to serve Him in our limited way and to help each other. She is my salvation for seeing and hearing and I am her’s for remembering!