June 2017

Lebanon Camp Season

Begins Soon!

9-10 Camp fr below

The weather is beautiful in Beit Mendere, high in the Lebanese mountains just down from the ancient cedars of Lebanon. The nights are cool instead of the hot, humid weather on the seacoast, some 40 minute drive away. There will be no rain until October, so there is no need for an umbrella.

The two host churches in Aaba and Ayn Nijim will direct several conferences for their children, young people, adults along with a conference for the seminary staff and students. In addition a couple of other churches will be conducting their camps at the Good Shepherd Conference Center, so it will be a busy summer for those who are responsible.

An Exciting Cuba Project?

A missionary who is burdened for ministry in Cuba goes regularly to the island has approached me about an exciting venture. He is wanting to print our Spanish Bible History books in Cuba and get them out to hundreds of pastors and Bible college students

They do not have much in the way of good resources and the missionary believes that these books would make a significant contribution in that needy country. The Cubans aren’t used to the bold colours and bound books, so the project will be done simply.

Recent Australian Church Statistics

  • 12,400 local churches in Australia
  • 30% of these have less than 25 attending
  • Just over half of these have over 50 parishioners 
  • 55% of the 12,400 are in rural and regional areas
  • 21% have 25-50 people



Faith Baptist Church in Regents Park, NSW, Australia

Prayer Concerns

  • Our church is still without a pastor after eight difficult and sometimes very painful months. Thank God, there have been some great victories coming out of divisive battles for the soul of the church. Satan has viciously attacked on several fronts in a very complicated situation. I’ve been preaching for 66 years and I have never been in a situation like this. There have been many such battles in other churches but I was spared the pain until now. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s leadership and needed miracles to bring our church through this trial stronger by the Lord’s assessment.
  • Please pray for the Cuba project to come together.
  • Pray for the Lebanon conference season to be fruitful and blessed.
  • Pray for the English Bible History materials as they are adopted into use by five Bible college locations in Liberia, Ghana and South Sudan. The missionary friend in charge of this will give me more information later.