October 2017

2017 Lebanon Conference Season Concludes

2017 Jr camp

Aug2017 camp


Children were turned away due to lack of space. There were eight different camps involving six churches. A church from Damascus sent their young people from that war-torn country and were joined by some Lebanese young people for a total of eighty. A short video of a large group of young people shouting, “Thank you, Pastor Hester!” was revived to thank me for building the camp in 1969.


I have never been to Ecuador or South America for that matter. What a blessing it is to see the Lord using our labours in these countries foreign to us. When we wrote the Bible History survey books for the Old and New Testaments, little did we dream where they would go.

A missionary friend of many years recently wrote:
“As you know, I brought in with me several copies of each (book) to give to the preachers in different sectors of the country.  The books were very well received and we are now promoting them within our churches. I think that they will fill a very great need both for the rest of the preachers and for our lay people.” He will be printing both books soon. We’re now preparing for another printing of the OT Spanish books in the USA. 

Prayer Concerns

  • Our church is still without an official pastor after thirteen long months.  However, for ten of those months, one of the men of the church has been volunteering fulltime ministry in the church to fill the gap. He grew up in the church and loves the church with a sacrificial commitment. He is an excellent preacher and teacher, and he knows the administration of the church well, having helped our previous pastor up to three days a week the past two to three years before the resignation. Pray for the Lord’s will to be done at the time of God’s choosing.
  • We thank God for the good spirit in the church, an air of excitement about the outreach ministries as they take their priority after Satan’s diversion from the church’s mission. New visitors are coming in. Eight candidates are being prepared for baptism.
  • Pray for our previous pastor of 22 years, Pastor Nabeel Zaydan and wife Joseline as they take up a new pastorate in Washington, D.C., an Arabic and English congregation.
  • Pray for the Sydney Baptist Bible College, its faculty and students, where we taught for many years and where I was principal for thirteen years. Also, Satan is attacking every ministry in Australia it seems. The annual National Baptist Fellowship was held in Sydney last week with good attendance and blessing. 
  • Australia is currently holding a mail-in pleibiscite that will determine whether same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land. Churches are praying for the Lord to protect the institution of the family..