January 2018

Fire and Wildfires

We use the expression “on fire for God.” Although it is not literally found in Scripture, we understand that it means to be totally committed to Christ with no limitations or reservations. The new believer illustrates it well..That “first love” just consumes his or her entire being and that believer is ablaze for God.  This is “controlled fire” fuelled by the fruits of the Spirit and attracts people’s attention to the indwelling Christ.

There is another kind of fire that is fuelled by the fruits of the flesh. It is a wild, uncontrolled fire that is very destructive. A church going through a Satanic trial will be plagued with many distractions. One carnal, slick-talking  sower of discord among unsuspecting brethren can light more wildfires in a day than ten  wise people can extinguish in a month. When this happens, the force for evangelism is choked and the spirit is demoralised. Regaining the trust among brethren and the “fire for God” is difficult and generally takes considerable time.

The Lord is encouraging our church these days and the trust and the fire are gradually returning. New people are coming, and a good spirit of fellowship is growing. Eight people finished the discipleship course and were recently baptized. The service (see photo) was followed with lunch in the fellowship hall with a number of unsaved  present. It feels great as we get back to the mission.  God is answering prayer!

Baptismal Day


The Pulpit Committee asked if I would be physically able to baptize  some of the candidates. I was more than happy to do so and would only need help down the steps into the “modern” baptistry that makes baptizing so easy. The hardest experience I ever had was in the Mediterranean Sea at Beirut,   Lebanon,when a big wave nearly swept the candidate out of my hands! .


It was a real thrill for me to baptize three lovely Christian young people and a mother of three. The brethren feared I couldn’t handle the young man who was taller than I was, but the old man proved them wrong!



Believe it or not!

We took Kathleen for her routine check to the neurologist. Since I cannot understand most of what the doctor says due to my hearing problem and Kathleen cannot remember long enough to tell me, our daughter fills the gap. When we came out of the doctor’s office, my daughter said a lady in the waiting room wanted to see me. Around twelve years ago, we had met the lady a number of times in a restaurant she managed where we often went for Sunday lunch. I remember giving her tracts and speaking with her about the Lord, but her life was busy and she didn’t really show spiritual interest. She introduced herself with details how she had known us. Then she said she had terminal cancer with little time to live and would like for me to pray for her. The waiting room was crowded and her turn was due to come at any moment. We prayed surrounded by people and asked God to work in her life and for her need for Christ as Saviour. I told her to read John 1, 3 and 5:24 when she went home and to ask Jesus for forgiveness and eternal life. Then she had to go. I was overwhelmed and amazed how God uses our feeble efforts that seem to fail years later! Keep sowing the Gospel Seed!

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