April 2018


Brother Mansour Youssef, wife Sharon and children

Prayer Answered!

After nineteen months without an official pastor, Brother Mansour Youssef has been appointed as pastor of Faith Baptist Church. It is a huge blessing after the times of instability and uncertainty. Still, it has been a time of renewing and uniting after the ugliness of division where Satan’s work thrives. Satan was attempting to discourage and destroy up to the last moment, but we thank God that He Who is in us is greater than he that is in the world. I even received a letter from “seven concerned pastors” warning of dire consequences if we proceeded with the vote. I replied asking the “seven anonymous whatevers” to rewrite their letter and divulge their identities. Satan rarely signs his name, but we are told not to be ignorant of his devices!

It was a time of relief and rejoicing for most and we trust for all as we continue to move forward. Brother Mansour came in the beginning months of our church as a nine-year-old Lebanese immigrant’s son who cried for his father to allow him to come to church. Although he had an accounting business and later a building company that built our new church facilities, he has always been heavily involved in our church and was giving three days a week to help our previous pastor in the church ministry. His wife is a pastor’s daughter.


Following Jesus in baptism


The church celebrated the baptisms of three young ladies aged 18 and in the twenties. Lunch and fellowship followed with a time to get acquainted with the visitors. View the recent Sunday school awards photo below.

Brother Mansour has worked with the Pulpit Committee to fill the role for 16 of those 19 long months. The Lord has truly raised him up from our midst and we are excited at what God will do in the future.

Sunday school awards for 2017

SS2018 copy