July 2018

Aug2017 camp

Pray for Lebanon summer camps beginning soon!

The Good Shepherd Conference Center near the Cedars of Lebanon will host several camps from several churches this July through September. Please join us in prayer that many hearts will be touched by the power of the Holy Spirit through Word of God. Pray for Pastor Edgard Traboulsi, the Conference Center Director and for Pastor Eli Wardan who is the on-site manager withmuch respon responsibility.

12-8 SBBC

Sydney Bible Baptist College

College Missions Class Visit

I taught in this college for 38 years and Kathleen taught English grammar for many years as well.  The college uses our Old and New Testament Bible History courses, each one comprising two semesters of study.  The Missions class took our autobiography, Cast Your Bread, to study and discuss issues involving ministry and missions. They asked us to share a class period with them to ask questions about our 67 years of ministry in the USA, Lebanon and Australia.


The book is available from Temple Baptist Church in El Dorado, KS  Email: missionaryoutpost@templebaptisteldorado.com or phone: 316 321 3803 

In 1952 Richard needed some good work to help pay for his second year of ministry preparation at Bob Jones University. He felt led to go to Wichita, Kansas to seek summer employment. Here is a page from Cast Your Bread:

The Important Door Handle

His hope was to find work at Boeing Aircraft’s Wichita factory for military airplanes. He repeatedly returned to Boeing’s employment office seeking work but with no success. No other door of work opened up for him. He was running out of money but decided to return one more time to Boeing’s office. Again he was refused. He walked to his car and put his hand on the door handle, ready to get in the car and drive back home to Oklahoma. His heart ached, and he prayed and asked God again to open the door for work at Boeing. He locked the car and returned to find that the Boeing Employment Office had just received a communication, minutes before, to hire more people. He was immediately hired and began work for the three-month summer break. The amazing, important car door handle was all that stood between success and failure. God stopped him at the door handle and set another important direction in his life. It was a lesson for Richard that his life was not left to chance! The Living God was in control of all details in his life, even the door handles that he grasped! From that would flow his introduction to an independent Baptist church, his establishing a new church in nearby El Dorado and his meeting his wife of now 62 years!

Showers of Blessing

  • Our church is rejoicing in “showers of blessing!” Six people were recently baptised, one couple was baptized who had attended the church for years and whose four married children and spouses are faithful and active members of the church. Other candidates for baptism are on the way. The attendance last Sunday morning was at the 300 mark with ten new people in attendance. Our pastor brought a stirring message on prayer that resulted in many responding and coming to rededicate themselves to the privilege of prayer. God has and is answering prayer and the church is again on the march forward. We are so thankful for your prayers and for God’s amazing faithfulness.