October 2019

Preaching in La Loma Baptist Church in the Philippines in 2011

 At the conference in Bethany Bible Baptist Church in Makati, Manila in 2011. I met a keen member who offered to oversee the printing and distribution of our Bible History books and materials. By February of this year all the 6000 books had been sold or provided to more than 55 Bible institutes or colleges plus hundreds of pastors who commend the books as valuable resources for their ministry. This was done through much time and sacrifice of our Brother Jonah and the support of his pastor and church. May God rewrd them.

God’s Next Provision.

During the same trip I met a preacher with whom I felt an instant kinship. He invited me to speak in his church (photo above). He now has a printer in his church who loves serving the Lord with his trade. By God’s design with a good price, space to store the books and facility to distribute the books, they have agreed to continue with the production and distribution of this ministry. We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s perfectly-timed provision which started in 2011 and brought forward in 2019! Previous to this development, I could not see a viable path forward for the Philippines book ministry, but again, God surprised us with this incredible answer to prayer  just at the right time. God was starting to answer this 2019 need in 2011! I am providing the funds for the printing of 1000 of the Old Testament Bible History Guidebook and 1000 of the New Testament Bible History Handbook. All proceeds from sales of the books will go into a special revolving reprinting account administered by the church. The printer is not taking anything for himself, only the cost of the labor and materials. He is giving us a great price plus doing it for a small number of copies, so this is huge and exactly what we need for the future when I am gone. I sent the agreement to the pastor and this is his reply: “With grateful heart, I would like to express agreement to the policy for sake of the great material which you have labored and authored for this generation and the future generation in training Bible Students here in the Philippines. I have read and understood the details of the care and distribution of the books and rest assured that these materials will not be wasted.”                               

Philippines Old Testament Class

Prayer and Praise Points

  • We have put out some promotional ads for our books. Please pray that the Lord will prosper this effort. We are asking God to bring more churches on board to run these survey courses for their people who desire to study God’s Word in a structured manner. .
  • If you will go to www.MissionaryOutpost.com to home page, you can download a new brochure that is attractive and appealing. I would appreciate if the pastor or responsible person would print this brochure and put it on the missionary letter board along with our newsletter. 
  • Please pray for an urgent legal issue to be solved concerning the camp. Corruption and the chaos of war left us with an issue that makes it impossible to do any new building at the camp. However, in the spring of this year the Lebanese parliament passed a law that will allow a resolution to this problem. 
  • Please pray for George who is my age who has issues with cancer. He is such a blessing, especially in the Arabic congregation and we are asking God to give him more years.  
  • Please pray for several speaking engagements I have in Sydney area churches. I believe this is the last time I will be speaking for them. I will explain more in another prayer letter.
  • We are very grateful for all of you who stand behind us with prayer and support. The next two years will need your faithful continuance in order that we may position these different ministries to continue on in the future after we are gone.
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