October 2021

“Whoso findeth a wife, finders a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.” Prov. 18:22 “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Prov. 31:10

Rubies must have been very expensive for Solomon, the “many-times billionaire” of that day to describe her in this way. Solomon learned by experience that beauty, influence and status could not produce a happy home. The Lord’s leadership and blessing are indispensable.

     A young lady of around ten years of age who loved the Lord, although she was brought up in a very liberal church, opened her deep desire to the Lord that He might, some day, give her a preacher husband. A young man of 18 years was saved after the first year of college. It had never crossed his mind to be a preacher. He had dreams of being an aeronautical engineer but two weeks after his conversion, his mind was overwhelmed with the conviction    that God wanted him to be a preacher, a thought that almost scared him out of his wits. Seven years later, God brought these two together in an unbelievable way that was humanly impossible. 

     In July we celebrated the little girl’s prayer to God. The “good thing,” the price far above rubies” had continued for 65 years across three continents serving the Lord.  Never has she ever faltered or even uttered one work of discouragement against the fulfilment of God’s will for our ministry. Now it is my calling to support her in her battle with Alzheimer’s. Our faculties are slowly retiring, but thankfully she is in peace and I am still able to help her navigate the faceless waters. Here are some other news:

  • How often does the Scripture admonish us to “wait” on the Lord? It implies that we tend to be impatient and fail to realise the pieces that are involved for the desired request to be accomplished. Several years ago when we were trying to get our Spanish Bible History books printed and distributed in different key countries, I was particularly frustrated   by the failures to accomplish this in one Spanish country. It’s fair to say that I was exasperated by the actions of some from whom I had expected better. I gave up but continued an occasional prayer for it. Then about two weeks ago out of the Lord’s “blue” we received a letter from an unknown Spanish pastor from this same country of my interest. He had been in a distant Spanish country where he saw our books. He was impressed to request working together to produce the books in his country. He had storage space and good possibilities for distribution throughout the country. We signed contracts yesterday and the printing will soon be underway. Plus he secured a printing quote for an unbelievable printing cost! I think I heard the Lord whisper, “Richard, I told you so.” 
  • We had a serious outbreak of COVID – 19 with the “delta” strain three months ago in Sydney and eventually state-wide. Australia opted for strict lockdowns, contact tracing, rigid compliance and closed borders, both international and between states. Fines for non-compliance were heavy. A “gifted” pastor of area church held services and prophesied, “In the name of Jesus the lockdown is over.” Courtesy of the neighbour, the police entered and took up an offering. The generous pastor put in $5000 and each family $1000 in the name, not of Jesus, but the State Treasury. Presently there is a flood of vaccinations and our governor is determined to get the state opened up soon for good. 
  • Recently I felt to attempt a marathon of calls to our church members and attenders. I can’t understand much on the phone. The problem came with missed calls when people returned a call and I could not understand who was calling. Praying genderless for unknown persons is difficult, but I was blessed anyway.  
  • Your prayers and support mean a lot as we are seeing the Lord work in several yet “unfinished” important matters. May God bless and reward you.
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