March 2022

“They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing.” Psalms 92:14 

January marked my 90th year of living off of our Lord’s gracious provisions. It was a special day of remembrance, an overwhelming emotional day. “My cup runneth over.” God’s call and putting me into the ministry 72 years ago. Spiritual investments and treasures especially in Kansas, Lebanon and Australia all speak to God’s gracious love and care. Scores of emails and Facebook messages, some from long-lost friends. Our church’s commemorative balloon as seen in the photos. Our seven year old great granddaughter said, “We could be very thankful for grandpa; he is so loving and caring. Our granddaughters were commenting that I really did not look 90 years old. My beloved spouse, generally a stranger to memory matters, piped up and said, “It is because he has such a wonderful wife!”

When my daughter gave me the courier package of books from Lebanon, my heart rate increased and a big smile came across my face. She said, “You’re really happy, aren’t you, dad?” This happened the week of my 90th birthday. When I took the beautiful Old and New Testament Arabic books in  my hands, I felt I was holding two precious babies who would serve the Lord in the Arabic world until Jesus comes! I can hardly sleep just thinking what a privilege God has given us!

I have to say that we were thankfully surprised that the first printing of the New Testament Bible History books went during the first few months. Now they will be undertaking a second printing. As of now, these Arabic books have gone to Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Syria  and Lebanon.  We are thrilled to no measure to be able to cast these “pieces of bread, like pieces of our lives and labours” upon the fields of our love, trusting God to make them, from now until Jesus comes, a blessing, help and encouragement to living pastors and their people   

It appears that the publishing house is keen to translator and publish our autobiography in Arabic as well. With difficulty I have been editing it to fit the Arabic market. I was hesitant about whether this project would be helpful, but everyone involved overruled my hesitancy. If it can be an encouragement to people who live in difficult political and sectarian conditions, I will be grateful to the Lord. Our daughter Melody in Minnesota has not been here for three years because of COVID. She jus secured a visa to come in June and she wiillproofread the English manuscript before we give it to the Arabic publisher.  

Last Sunday was the 45th anniversary of our Regents Park church. I was asked to give a 15-minute testimony.  It is so comforting to see what God has done following the heartbreak of Lebanon. 

The previous Sunday when coming from the parking lot into the church, Kathleen somehow stumbled and fell across my legs and feet. I was attempting to catch her but lost balance and fell backwards on the concrete. It was a nasty fall for me but thank God there was just a big bump on the back of my head and a couple of fractured ribs. My memory came back later in the hospital. Kathleen did not have even a scratch on her, so I was a good pillow for her. Last Sunday the brethren wheeled her into the church in a wheelchair and had a strong man on both of my arms to make sure that nothing happened. I told the brethren that I had been trying to get their attention for some time and that this was a last resort that seemed to work! I’m trying so hard to keep such things from happening and it wasn’t how I had planned for the beginning of my 90th year!

We can never express our feelings of gratitude for all you do for us. Your prayers and support have allowed us to do many things that needed to be done before we leave this world. Please continue to pray for the legal issue regarding the camp property.  God bless all of you!