June 2022

“Bless the Lord, O my soul: And all that is within me; bless His holy name. Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not  all His benefits.”

The Lord has opened the windows of Heaven upon Pastor Elie and the ministry in the Aaba church. New people are coming and several have been saved recently.It is thrilling to see what God is doing in that church. HERE IS A PARAGRAPH From his newsletter:  

“I started a new discipleship class with eight new believers who want to obey the Lord through baptism. We meet every Thursday night, and the session is full of discussions. I also started another Bible study class that 25 to 50 people attend. Most of the attendees are unbelievers. We discuss doctrine, evangelism, and general spiritual topics. We meet every Friday night. I seek through this class to win new souls for Christ.”

       Pastor Elie sent us testimonies of these new converts. He is reaching out, shaking the bushes and God is giving him a time of reaping. He puts his sermons on YouTube and many people are viewing. Please pray for this faithful servant. You may remember that I requested prayer for his monthly support to be met from some of our supporting church by switching their support to me over to him. We are presently supporting him from our support funds, so this would just assure his support whenever the Lord takes us out. Presently over one/third of his needed support is assured, thank God. People in Lebanon are suffering because of the collapse of the currency. Even people who were well-to-do have become poor. Maybe that has something to do with the response to the Gospel. In our many years of ministry, never did we see anything like this. We compassed land and sea to find one person who would listen.

       The Legal Issue regarding the Good Shepherd Conference Center is moving forward, so we would ask you to pray especially at this critical juncture. The issue does not affect the legal ownership but it does affect any future building on the camp site. There was a break-in at the camp and the theft of some equipment. Plans are underway for some camps after three years of COVID lockdown. Please pray for this important ministry.

       Our Faith Baptist Church Pastor recently spoke at an Arabic conference in Egypt. He ordered in 300 of our Old Testament Bible History Guidebooks and 300 New Testament Bible History Handbooks to present to Arabic pastors. The photo shows Pastor Mansoour with one of the pastors. The books have now gone to Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Sudan, Jordan, Yemen and Lebanon. I am so thankful to be able to have this legacy from the Lord of some of our labours being a blessing in Arabic churches and countries where we have never ben working even after we are gone. I cannot express my emotions at this facet of ministry God has graciously given us in the language of our long ministry. 

    We recently had a federal election in Australia which gave us a left-leaning Labor government. The voting was so event-free. Identification is technically required in most cases. All of the corruption being promoted in the USA is thankfully absent here. It breaks my heart to hear the shocking things that are happening in America. It is certainly a shockingly different from the America I grew up in. Frankly, I am ashamed to tell people here that I am an American. Anyway, we pray for the Lord’s mercies for the sake of His many God-fearing saints in this nation under Satanic attack.

     Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. The absolute minimum “must-do” projects are being accomplished one by one. Our daughter in America is coming for her visit after a three-COVID absence. She is going to proof read the manuscript of our “Cast Your Bread” autobiography to be translated and published in Lebanon. I have worked for months revising the book to be the most effective in the Arabic Middle East. God bless you all for helping us finish off what we feel is important to finish our course. May the Lord reward you one and all! 

Richard and Kathleen  Hester