May 2008

Thank you for your prayers and concern for us and for what we are endeavouring to do for the Lord. We are constantly overwhelmed by how He has so richly blessed us with His abundant mercies!

Two years ago we celebrated fifty years of marriage. Now this month we are celebrating 50 years as servants to the Arabic people in Lebanon and Australia! What a privilege it has been.

Kathleen saw the cardiologist today after several tests. He is quite confident that the irregular heart rhythms are irrelevant to the symptoms she is experiencing, so they will have to look elsewhere for the cause. They will continue with those tests after our imminent trip to the USA.

I will be performing the marriage ceremony of a Lebanese couple on Sunday. The young man was saved in Lebanon through the believers who were with me in our church there for many years.  The bride’s parents were members of the Arabic church in Blacktown where I pastored for four years. That church was also started out of our main church in Sydney.

The Gospel net swings wide and deep, so it is thrilling to see how God brings so many individual pieces of what seems an impossible puzzle into a beautiful picture that brings glory to His Name! We are so blessed and consoled to see that truly “our labour is not in vain in the Lord!”

We do pray for you our friends and your needs that God will continue to richly bless and use you. We look forward to a fruitful, blessed trip to the USA.  Thanks for praying for us.

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