April 2005

We talk about “getting keen laypeople, young and old, involved in a serious Bible study” with Old Testament Bible History Illustrated. We really believe that this course could be a blessing to many people who would thrive on such a study. So we ask you to pray that God will put His hand of blessing on this endeavor and that His name will truly be glorified!

We are burdened about helping build a church building in North Lebanon for a vibrant congregation which has difficulty finding places to meet. If the Lord would bless the Bible study course, some of the proceeds could help build that church, a noble aspiration indeed! Notwithstanding, I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I developed the Bible study course in order to raise money for missions. The only reason I made this course was a burden to “get laypeople involved in serious Bible study.” At the beginning I did not believe that I had the health nor the ability to accomplish such a task. At times, before completion of the project, I felt I couldn’t continue to work the long hours and put forth the effort even one more day! But God was faithful and nursed me through the project.

After finishing the editing and making of the 30 DVDs, there was the “mountain” of getting permissions, re-editing of the media to make everything compliant with the permissions in order to secure the copyrights for all the work. Thank God it is all done now-I can hardly believe it!

Please pray for a sweet 19 year-old pastor’s daughter, Rachel, who had her second brain surgery this week for a tumour at the base of the brain. Now she will start chemo etc since they were not able to get all the tumour.

On a lighter note, our Lebanon mission home which we built and lived in was vacated last week by the Syrian army which has occupied it these years! God still brings iron curtains down! Lebanon is experiencing some big changes. Note the “freedom from Syria” demonstration in Beirut in the picture. Up to 1.5 million people took part in the demonstration. Pray for peace in that country. May God richly bless all of you for your great encouragement to us.

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