May 2005

Having exceeded by three years the days of our years, threescore and ten, it often comes to my mind what I could leave as a legacy when the Lord ushers me out of this earthly realm? Certainly all that any of us has done for Christ will last in one way or another-nothing will be lost. It is so comforting to know that our labours are not in vain in the Lord; He has so promised!

When I started developing the Old Testament Bible History Illustrated back in 2003, it was to meet a local need for getting laypeople in the churches involved in serious Bible study in an interesting and exciting way. It also occurred to me that leaving something to our grandchildren could be beneficial when they grow up and some day could study it. They could learn from grandfather’s talking on 30 DVDs about the priorities that captivated his life and ministry on three continents. Maybe God would use that to be a good influence and encouragement in their lives. That was just a sidelight which appealed to me: talking to my grandchildren after I am gone.

As things progressed with the course, the Lord seemed to lead to wider thinking: maybe I could leave a little legacy that would allow me to continue speaking for Christ after the earthly race is run and finished. Some people are good at writing books and continue to speak after they are gone. Maybe I could continue teaching and preaching God’s Word by means of technology with DVDs and a Bible study course. Speaking to groups of laypeople, high school students, Bible college students, group situations-this appeals to me as an on-going ministry, small as it might be.

The Lord has encouraged us this month: we have sent two sets of the Old Testament Bible History Illustrated to India. These Bible schools are planning to begin using it starting in June!. We’ve never visited India except for a diverted airport stop once in Bombay. But it excites me to be able to be of some small use or influence for Christ in India among precious people of God who are preparing to serve our Lord-people I may never meet this side of glory!

Previously we have sent three sets of the course to Indonesia. This is all very exciting to us, and we ask your prayers that God will bless these small efforts far beyond our ability to imagine. We are asking God to continue using this course here in Australia among the churches as He has so wonderfully done in the past.

Please continue to pray for Rachel who is now having radiation treatments. I asked you to pray for her last month after her two surgeries for a brain tumor at the base of the brain. She planned a Thanksgiving service which we attended-one of the sweetest occasions I have ever attended. She sang, played the piano and gave a testimony of the Lord’s faithfulness. Her doctor and two of her intensive care unit nurses (one of them a Moslem) attended and were visibly moved; they had never heard anything like this. A plain Gospel message was given as well by a godly pastor. Rachel is nineteen years old and a real example of faith and courage in the midst of a severe trial!

Note the photo from the upper portion of the Lebanon conference ground looking down on the lower level with a dormitory and playground in view. With mountains on either side, the Mediterranean Sea is visible from the camp (not in this photo). I have not seen a campground with a more beautiful view. We built it in 1969 to be a blessing to churches in Lebanon, especially in the North, and that remains our prayer! May God richly bless all of you as we labour together for our wonderful Lord.

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