October 2005

Sweet Rachel is just about halfway through her chemotherapy treatment. The last session gave her the most severe side effects she has had to date; she has been in bed most of the two weeks since the session with much nausea, vomiting and insomnia. For the first time since the two brain surgeries, radiation and chemo, she said, “I’m having a hard time,” and that was the extent of her complaint. She’s quite the Christian young lady.

The National Baptist Fellowship was held two weeks ago up in northern Queensland. About 80 preachers attended with an excellent attendance of the churches. It is very encouraging to see the Australian independent Baptist pastors promoting and hosting this annual meeting and doing a great job of it. We were all blessed and refreshed in the Lord.

The Outback Baptist Church, literally in the outback, bought a set of the Old Testament Bible History Illustrated course to use in their church. They are a new church way out in the outback in a mining town where it is almost impossible to rent a house for an affordable price. I believe the pastor said an ordinary three-bedroom house would rent for over a thousand dollars per week, which is far beyond their capability. Pray for Outback Baptist Church and their visionary young pastor who has a burden for that place. They have 3 or 4 people who want to study the course and learn more about God‘s Word.

Again we would ask prayer for the Lord’s leadership in obtaining a couple to live at the college, someone who will also be able to share in the teaching ministry of the college. There are some possibilities, so please pray for the Lord to give us just the couple He wants in this important position.

Another urgent prayer request is for the brother and wife of an Iraqi engineer in our Croydon Park church. This brother with his wife and son were returning to their Baghdad home recently from a church conference in the west of Iraq when they were either kidnapped or detained by someone. He is a scientist as well as a Christian and a lay preacher. Just before the invasion of Iraq, he had been arrested and imprisoned for a month or two, but the Lord graciously delivered him before the invasion began.

God is graciously giving us a measure of health and blessing to serve. I minister in different churches each Sunday and preach in Arabic a couple of times each month for which opportunity I am happy. The last prayer request is for the need of a church building in north Lebanon. They have a property but need help to build a church. They have had hassles in finding a meeting place and are “living on the brink” in the present location. This good, vibrant congregation needs a permanent home, so we are asking prayer that God might provide some help to bring this need to reality.

An urgent prayer request is for the Croydon Park Faith Baptist Church Arabic: they are seeking the Lord’s will in the purchase of a new piece of property on which to build a new facility. The auction is next week, and the church is fasting and praying two days before the auction for the Lord’s will to be made clear. Pastor Nabil and his wife are pictured above at the recent National Baptist Fellowship on an excursion. They are a wonderful couple doing a great job at Faith Baptist Church Arabic in Croydon Park.

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