November 2007

Another letter came from the Philippines telling of a Bible institute running the Old Testament Bible History course. A picture was attached showing the students in class. It was such a blessing for us to see them getting some spiritual benefit out of something that God burdened us to do here in another country. People we won’t meet this side of Heaven can benefit from our ministry here!

We are working long and hard towards completion of the New Testament course. I have finished the first phase of editing the DVDs and am now started through the second phase. The second phase involves, in most cases, adding considerably more visuals, maybe double the original number or more and bringing everything up to a certain quality standard that represents the best we can do. The second phase involves a lot of work but not as much as the first phase. We are monitoring the lessons at least three times each week in the classes running under our supervision. Hopefully we will catch most of the obvious mistakes and correct them.

Please pray that we might have wisdom in knowing where and how to print the Handbook for the course. A decision will have to be taken soon, and right now we are not sure what is best. The Lord willing, we hope to make a trip to the USA next year, maybe in May, so we need to have the books printed and delivered before then.

Thank you for praying for the National Baptist Fellowship which was held in Melbourne last month. It was a great week of fellowship and blessing. The preaching was inspiring and edifying. There was a terrific spirit of blessing with many decisions and even several salvation decisions. Large numbers of young people were there and responded to the preaching and invitations. The evening meetings were attended by 1000-1100 and the day sessions maybe had around 600+ in attendance. We returned to Sydney rejoicing over the blessings of the week and what God is doing among the independent Baptists of this country.

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