Old Testament Guidebook Features

History is “God Working in His World.”

Old Testament Bible History Guidebook (Exodus sample)


Click on the OT Guidebook image to the right to view the chapter on Exodus. The Guidebook is a 316 large page hardback book with an attractively-designed cover illustrated with Mt.


Sinai and its surrounding area where the Law was given. The Guidebook has several unique features not usually found in a survey book:

* Under the Glass section for each book with meanings of Biblical names and selected word studies or comments.

* A Slice of The Life series treating different aspects of Bible life such as:
Life in Ur
Life in the Tent
Life in Bondage
Life in the Desert
Life in Canaan
Life in Captivity
Life at the Sanctuary
Life in the Home

Wrap-Up section for each book of the Bible with practical lessons applied

Finding Christ section for each book of the Bible

Outlines in abundance

The Guidebook has been in use since the 2009 Fall semester in several Bible colleges as a textbook for Old Testament Survey. Beginning in syllabus form this material has gone to over 40 countries for use in an integrated survey course.

An individual reading through the books of the Old Testament can find good help from the Guidebook, and if he wanted an even deeper learning experience, he could utilize the Workbook. The integrated study course designed for institutes and church study groups is built on the Guidebook along with the Workbook, DVD Library and Supervisor’s Manual.

Now the FREE online OT Survey Course is available and you can learn all about it at www.Bible-Survey.net

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