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English Books and Materials

*Prices do NOT include shipping.
*Prices are in AUS$
*W = wholesale only for bookstores, colleges and study groups



OT Guidebook – $27.00  (W – $15)


OT Workbook Front_A4


OT Workbook – $15  (W – $10)


OT SM Front


OT Supervisor’s Manual – $35 (only for pastor or leader of study group)


DVD Insert_OT_4 copy

OT DVD Library – $55 (W – $30)




NT Bible History Handbook – $27.00  (W – $15)


N.T. Handbook (perspective)


NT Workbook – $15  (W – $10)



NT Supervisor’s Manual – $35 (only available to pastor or leader of study group))



NT DVD Library – $55 (W – $30)



Autobiography of Richard and Kathleen Hester Cast Your Bread – $15


Spanish Books and Materials


Front cover OT (Sp.)

Historia Biblica del Antiguo Testaqmento Manual – $15 (W – $8.50)


Manual (perspective)


Historia Biblica del Nuevo Testamento Manual – $15 (W – $8.50)


Digital PDF downloads are available for English OT and NT books ($13.50) and for Spanish ($5.50)

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